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Thursday, 12 June 2008


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Uh... Not that religion has ever been at war with science (I talk about 'real' religion as much as 'real' science) but if it had, wouldn't it have been longer than ~2000 years? Or has Stone betrayed an anti-Christian bias (which would also betray ignorance since Christianity is actually the continuation and fulfillment - for Christians - of Judaism).

Here's my other question... who established the first Universities and educational institutes as we know them today? Established for the very reason to combat the rise of superstition and paganism?

Yes, American culture (and ignorance) has polluted Christianity, but it also seems to have polluted science as well.

Meh! Ok, from the top. God exists, but it's probably not a guy on a throne in the sky. Once you get beyond that horsesh*t, God is the easiest thing in the world to accept. Of course, you can worship it if you want, but it won't take the blindest bit of notice.

Funny really. A vast, empty and random universe doesn't frighten me. Traditional mono-theistic notions on the other hand...........Terrifying.

Maybe that was the point.........

Alex, welcome back! You raise an interesting point, well, for me, at any rate, as to the relationship between religion and 'science' in ancient times. I place inverted commas round the world 'science' because, as I understand it, it was so far removed from what we call 'science' today. It was, I suppose, simply speculation and because the means of conducting experiments was virtually nil, it posed no threat to anyone or anything, least of all the Gods.

'TIM' (my new acronym for you, Ill Man), now you know what your Mum told you, you really must not go blogging after the pubs and clubs have shut!

Yeah....I seem to have answered a question that was never posed. Strange thing is, I wasn't drunk. =O

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