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Sunday, 01 June 2008


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Remeber the slogan of Cook County (Illinois) Demcratic Party politics.

Vote early - vote often.

And never worry on election night, it's not over until the outlying grave yards are counted.

Yes, the same County Party where Barrak Obama learned his trade.

"the same County Party where Barrak Obama learned his trade"

"Go figure" as you say over there!

"It's surely time that Al Gore spoke for the ... well, for someone!"

I think he mostly speaks for himself. That huge mansion and jet set lifestyle has to be afforded somehow... ;)

Indeed, and what a splendidly large constituency he speaks for - and getting larger by the day judging from his jowels and his waist-line.

Come come DD, you're being very uncharitable to Fatty Gore. At considerable personal sacrifice, he has decided to illustrate - using his own body as a template - what over-consumption will do to the earth

My God, I never thought of that! I'm off to join the Green party.

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