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Tuesday, 03 June 2008


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Well my 2 cents worth, if that is worth any thing.

1. It would not have prevented the war. Politicians when making decisions, usually to do not count force ratio’s unless they are looking for an excuse. More true for William II than most.

2. Yes, even if not forced to surrender they would have had to abandon a major portion of France. Their only hope is that the German First and Second Armies, by the time they reached the French-Belgium border were very tired troops, perhaps a fresh French Army could have given them a good check.

3&4. Short term maybe, but they would have been ruling such an unhappy place that Britain would be the least of their worries. An arrangement could have been worked out, especially if William II was kept out of it, more likely it would be defacto rather than formal.

And a thought. Supposing the French managed some how to hold it together without British help. If the Regular Army that was killed on the retreat from Mons was instead used as cadre for an expanded BEF, this BEF would have been a much more effective force when introduced into France.

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