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Saturday, 12 February 2011


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I thought you said you'd "... not nbe caught dead watching the BBC."

Now I understand why you've not been writng so much. Feeling better, I hope?

BBC 'news', JK, everything else is OK-ish.

I think you'll like the Sopranos, but the idea behind it is very different from The Wire. For one thing, each show is sort of self-contained, and what happens in one show does not get picked up in the next, although there are a few themes that run throughout. What bothered me, though, is that later in the series, the story lines get a little unbelievable. Scores of people are killed, but for some reason, the police aren't even looking for the killers.

That's the problem with run-longing series, they run out of good story lines because they've run out of good writers. Still, I really enjoyed the first episode.

'The Killing' is brilliant. It's my 'cannot miss' at the moment, the only thing on tv that I look forward to!
Actually the Danish title 'Forbrydelson' translates as 'The Crime' and there is more to come- they already have made and transmitted Forbrydelson II and Forbrydelson III is in production. Let's hope that the BBC buys up and shows these follow-ups too!!!

Yes, Helena, "cannot miss" is exactly right, and you have begun my day with a smile because the thought of more series to come is really good news. What I particularly like is the way the different characters are slowly revealed under the pressure of events. Personally, I have my eye on that formean chap who works for the dead girl's father. Haven't heard too much about him - yet! Also, I like the parallel political story - who's the traitor within the gates? Excellent TV - for a change!

Yes can't agree more. Can't miss. Refused a night out this week as couldn't bear to miss the next two episodes and have not got my recording box thingy working yet.Actually had my eye on Theis, dead girls father for a while but it has to be Troels surely!!! Can't wait for next episode.Well worth the license fee.

Hello, Angela, and how wise you were to stay in! The finger is suddenly pointing at Troels but I think there are 20 episodes so it's a bit early yet. And what a terrific performance from the chap playing Theis, few words but his presence is monumental.

By the way, I'm glad you have 'recording box thingies' like me!

Oh what bliss on a Saturday night to watch the wonderful Danish "The Killing". The characters are beautifully drawn and the acting brilliant. I love the way the Larsen family have been portrayed, I had tears running down my face when they told the two young brothers of Nana that she was dead. I hope they are making more and that the BBC will but them. I'm also a huge fan of the Swedish Wallender Series so at the moment the scandinavians have all my attention.

Well, Trish, according to Helena above there are more series to come. I wonder if they will maintain the standard? One of the things I like about it is that they take their time. I admire slick American-style editing but sometimes a more leisurely approach is to be preferred. However, Wallander is altogether too leisurely for me, either the British or the Swedish version. Endless shots of Branagh's whiskery face - why does he never shave? - gazing into the middle distance - irritating - very!

I don't often contribute to these posts but have to throw my weight behind "The Killing". Excellent TV of the highest standard - but I don't need to tell you guys, if you're reading this you've already found it. I hadn't realised it is 20 episodes though, that's brightened my weekend!

Welcome to D&N, Wilf. And I'm fairly certain I read somewhere that there 20 episodes - but I'm easily confused these days.

The Killing is a MUST SEE......really enjoying it... as for the traitor, i'm leaning towards Morten and hubby is convinced that he's also the murderer, time will tell !

You could be right, Katrina, but I've given up guessing. Can't wait for the next episode.

Totally and utterly hooked on 'The Killing'. Amazing series - very glad to hear that there are more to come! If you have enjoyed this series I would suggest that you check out Arnaldur Idridasson's crime novels set in Iceland, especially 'Jar City' or 'Tainted Blood' as it is also known. The books have a Wallanderesque character in Erlendur, but the story is just as good as 'The Killing'.
I have recently finished The Wire (loved it) and would welcome suggestions for other series/ crime novels.


Thanks for that SB. As for recommendations I am about to post on the subject of yet another terrific crime writer - or to be precise, a pair of crime writers - so stick around. Also if you have the time just skim down my posts under 'Odds & Sods' and you will spot the occasional posts where I have recommended various excellent 'pulp fiction' writers.

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