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Monday, 19 November 2012


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Have you ever seen the great "bings" of West Lothian? They're spoil heaps from the days when you had to mine shale to get the oil out.

Google "shale bings": they are quite a sight.

Never heard of them, DM, but they are extraordinary. I gather that they are fast disappearing as they are used for road construction/repair.

I guess that the middle east countries will find new markets in India and China if the USA becomes self sufficient.

I don't think so, Timbo, because China (and India) has such a huge land mass that it is likely to have considerable shale fields for itself, or even perhaps, enough to become an exporter itself! The main thing is that energy prices are set to fall - unless - and of course there is always an 'unless' - governments interfere and make it more expensive than it need be.

The shale oil and gas revolution in the US is currently taking place on private land largely out of the grasp of the Feds*.

The next four years of an Obama led administration could well slow down or even halt the fracking revolution, and since it will be the EPA and the like doing the dirty, Congress will get no say in the matter.

It's a bit of an exquisite dilemma for Obama and ValJar and their ilk. Go along with the fracking revolution and preside over a burgeoning economy with more wealth to spread around or follow their socialist and greeny leanings and tax and regulate it into submission while the economy slumps again.

* Well not out of the reach of the feds, nothing is out of their reach, but less easily stimied than things like ANWR and continental shelf developments or other stuff on federal land.

The tectonic plates are shifting, and it is very worrying for the UK. Hopefully all that brown-nosing the Saudis will have kept us in their good books, and if we introduce a bit of Sharia Law here, that should help gain us a special price.

Eventually, the Lancashire field will run out, but I reckon it should be aggressively exploited without regard to environmental concerns. I've been there a few times, and most of it is nasty. Earthquakes in Blackpool? Who cares?

You've no idea David how your posting on "fracking" as The Great Hope is far more complicated than the author you've chosen seems to be aware of. Near-term our more recent immigrants to Arkansas (mainly from the industrialized North - having moved down here to retire) have the idea that "fracking is a nightmare."

[Why they didn't pick up a History book and check where & when the largest magnitude earthquake in US History occurred - I haven't a clue.]

Yes yes I know - but it's been awhile since I've posted more than just a single link. Cut me some slack. Now, this first one may take some moments to load (it shows shale-oil production in Arkansas):

If you wish to know where The New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812 were - right where the red area meets with the four states boundaries with the epicenter being in extreme NE Arkansas:

Here are EQs from the last six months:

"And why," you ask, "Is this earthquake stuff pertinent?"

It isn't actually - but one must be aware of Arkansas' seismic history. Unfortunately, just as the oil companies decided it was worthwhile to sink shafts the Earth decided "heh heh, I think I'll take another spell of rumbling!"

Very interesting, Kevin, I shall be watching events. I note that the head of their EPA is in difficutlies with so-called 'private' e-mails she sent under a pseudonym to avoid FOI requests.

I have nothing against Blackpool, 'W', but if fracking sinks Liverpool I'm all for it!

I'm sure there are difficulties with fracking, JK, there being no such thing as a free lunch but the 'experts' seem agreed that it is has enormous potential - and they really do mean ENORMOUS - and if an earthquake does hit Arkansas will you notice?

"Quakes" actually are fairly common here David - not necessarily of the seismic variety though - there are quite frequently, The Whales of Wal-Mart traversing the aisles on the hunt for more Twinkies.

Far as I personally am concerned - nothing wrong with Arkansas a Richter 6+ couldn't fix - then we native Southerners could get back to pumping oil.

I only wish I have money to buy some of the low priced housing in and around Blackpool. UK does not have any choice but to exploit the fracking potential around that area. It will happen sooner or later.

Quite right, Yvonne, and welcome to D&N.


Just your name says it - not a Gordon Brown, nor Balls, not a Cameron What the hell ... no David Duff even an expert.

Have you a passport? Is there any way Yvonne, you can keep Gordon Brown and Piers Morgan off David Duff's Learjet?

Tell you what Yvonne, ... and I think you might read DiploMad ... we each agree (apparently) David's full of ... er, ... well he's from near Somerset - that'd be Liverpool or somewhys geographically our Detroit reckon there'd be any way you could get yorself added to "David's Funnie List?"

Just reckoning, heck you might neither be Republican or even Southern.

JK, I think the earth just moved for you, well at least, according to you it never stops moving in 'Arkie'! Anyway, stop hitting on my lady guests and behave yourself!

"The Geopolitics of Shale is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Thanks, JK, in'erestin' stuff! (How's my accent?)

'Cept fer ther missin' "T" in'nyr intrestren pert near right smart hillbillyianese.

On ther basis o'dat we'uns'll issue yer passport - providin' yer'll ensure both that Blair and Brown fellers' passports dern't show up so's to be on our'n TV screens no more.

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