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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


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Chuck it, Duffers. You haven't seen it yet. It may be the most amusing thing since the funny bits in Monty Python.

It's moral relativism gone mad.

What next, a sitcom about a crazy bunch of lovable but culturally misunderstood Islamic paedophiles?

Well, DM, I'll wait for your review, you had better watch it, you paid for it!

Keep your 'voice' down, F211, someone from the BBC might be listening and they'll have the series ready in time for next Christmas!

The sad thing about the BBC is the lack of leadership, and I don't just mean the latest farrago involving Entwistle.

They are so terrified of being though stuffy and out of touch, that they hoover up any old rubbish that they think would make them "cutting edge". It's normally fear that leads to the erosion of moral standards.

Apart from tax subsidies, I don't pay the fools. A bit of news on Radio 4, and Radio 3 is still sublime. That's all I need.

David. Assisted suicide could be like those drug dealing chaps that get killed in car parks outside major stores in the UK.

Shades of Whitehouse David? The BBC may not know much but light comedy is their trade.

Anyway, an interesting sociological experiment - see how it flies and legislation may follow. Life imitates art and the BBC is still one of the more sophisticated arms of government.

'W', you are an example to us all.

Jimmy, it's probably me but I'm not sure I understand your point.

Well, Roger, the old girl was spot on as a flick through the TV channels will indicate.

TBF the blessed Mary did have a point, culture has gone downhill. However she was aligned with so much deeply unpleasant control freakery - and those glasses! Let us hope the new DG brings us some red plush and chandeliers and proper orchestras.

I agree, Roger, she was relentlessly bourgeois and the specs put Dame Edna to shame ... and yet ... and yet ... a *comedy* about assisted suicide? Perhaps, given the BBC's fondness for Xmas shows in doubtful taste we shall be 'entertained' this year with 'Xmas at Auschwitz', or, 'A Good Time in the Gulag'?

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