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Sunday, 13 January 2013


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Cheer up! London is bidding for the 2018 Gay Olympics! And it is going back to its Greek roots and will all be in the nude.....

Luverly! Can't wait for the Brazilian beach ball competition! Mind you, I don't want any funny jokes here when the pole-vaulting starts! And I suppose the hurdlers will have to allow an inch or too higher on their clearance.

Is it "Gay & Lesbian", or will DD need to buy a plane ticket?

Damn! I just assumed . . .

I suppose the troops are a bit restive. Everyone hates the politicos, Labour is irrelevant and wisely keeping a low profile. The Lib/Cons have no good news and the old nasty party is making noises about Europe. Meanwhile The Mail and Currant Bun stir it up with the Useless Europe/Useless Dave trope and a vision of a UKIP landslide. All a childish diversion. Exit EU? no way, the folk who own the country won't let that happen. When push come to shove the press will say no and so will the party funding. Dave will come up with some weasle words and in we'll stay. Europe as a whole is in a fix and we cannot avoid it - and the Yanks don't want us any more - get used to it.

I reckon the Tories will win 2015 and enjoy a weak recovery and win 2020 too - relax.

Roger, if it was merely a question of us renegotiating our deal with Europe in which Brussels tosses us a few 'goodies' to keep us quiet and provide Dave with a modesty leaf then you may be right. However, it takes two to tango and the problem is that Europe wants to leaves us not the other way round! Or, rather, it doesn't exactly want to leave us but they are on a journey which has been accelerated by recent events. They want greater unification, not less, and we either go with them or step off the train. So poor old Dave might not have much choice in the matter.

I don't think UKIP will enjoy a landslide but it will well and truly hobble the main parties especially the Tories. If Miliband can manage to rid himself of the hated Balls he might actually do quite well.

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