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Friday, 11 January 2013


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A satisfactory resolution would be for the police conspirators to be charged with High Treason and to endure a spell in chokey, while Mr Angry endures more years on the back benches.

A perfect solution, DM, no less than I would expect from you!

Hello Mr. Duff.

I have lurked in these august environs for a while but not yet commented. I must say I enjoy your 'wit and repartee' with the regulars and the topics you bring up.

I must say I have enjoyed this contretemps particularly. Both sides seem to have lost - the bumptious minister was forced to resign and the cops have been shown up to be liars. Now, even more delightfully, the top 'civil servant' is shown to be more incompetent than Inspector Clouseau.

Whilst I am ashamed to see the governance of the country so reduced, I now just enjoy a little childish amusement where I can.

Paul, welcome to D&N, and if 'childish amusement' is what you're looking for we always have plenty of it here!

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