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Monday, 14 January 2013


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David, Andrew Klaven is a frequent columnist at PJMedia and you can check out his book list from there.

Personally, I prefered his 'On the Culture' schtick when he produced videos such as this classic take on leftist debate.

First of all, I have quickly corrected the number of years late I am in reading this book before DM spots my original error and gives me another 50 lines! How can I read these things at least three times before publishing and still not spot my own mistakes?

Kevin, of course, you absolutely right, I knew I had seen his name cropping up somewhere. I'll take a look at the YouTube later - thanks.

Are you listening to book at bed time this week (it was on last week as well). It is a tad fruity for late night listening - what do you think?

'Fruity' on Book at Bedtime?! Surely not, Her Maj will not be amused!

Actually I see I can listen to it via my computer-thingie so I might give it a try.

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