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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


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Such a relief to hear all went well !

Please do let me know when you expect to be casting your pearls before the assembled in Bridgewater....

Kind regards

Ominous silence from Bridgewater, David . . . what can it mean?

Oh for heaven's sake, Duff. Just send a couple of cases of champagne to the good citizenss of Bridgewater and tell 'em the cheque's in the mail.
Same as you generally do.
Or, go swimming in their water, under the bridge. Show 'em your goodies, as it were.

"Our club was treated to an excellent talk on the origins of the First World War by David Duff, who is something of a local celebrity. Combining erudition with an enthralling delivery, David kept us all on the edge of our seats with a most professional and technically advanced illustrated lecture.

Unfortunately, after the coffee and chat, David drove off with his laptop, speakers, leads and pen drive still on the roof of his car. He got as far as the War Memorial mini-roundabout before it all slipped into the large puddle there, and was run over by the Stalbridge bus. Mr Wilinson has been asked by the committee to contact David, who appeared to be blithely unaware of this singularly unhappy end to a most edifying afternoon".

Dammit, 'W', you should have been a journalist - that's almost dead accurate!

Andra, you can be very cruel and hurtful to an 'artiste' who has given his all to his adoring public!


Until the censors deleted it there was video of the presentation that went viral.

The part about the German First Army marching though the Ardennes was fantastic.

Are you sure you weren't there, Hank, hiding in the back row?

And incidentally, 'W', what's a "pen drive" when it's at home? No, on second thoughts don't tell me, it will only achieve the impossible by increasing my confusion!

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