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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


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Remember Gheluvelt.

Time spent in reconnaisance (and practicing) is seldom wasted. A list or diagram?

Very best of luck, hope is goes well.

Happily, Tom, for both them and me, Gheluvelt lies just outside my time-scale because otherwise my talk might last longer than the war itself! The minute the Germans drew back from the Marne they lost the war, a pronouncement, of course, that could only be made with the 20/20 vision of hindsight!

Although I suspect that von Schlieffen would have known it!

Roger, you are sounding suspiciously like the 'Memsahib'! Were I to actually make a list or draw a diagram I can absolutely guarantee it would be lost within hours and turn up months later giving me A1 brain-ache trying to work out what on earth it was for!

I worry about myself sometimes!

Dear Duffers,
Being the incredibly organized PA that I am, I would suggest you take Roger's suggestion and then simply email or give for safe keeping the document/diagram to someone else. Someone who would, of course, be reliable to respond to your retrieval request in a timely manner. Easy peasy.

Did you check the freezer? If there's a jar marked "marbles" your problems are solved.
Do you have to pay these people you talk at much money or just ply them with copious amounts of liquid amber?
Just askin' .............


You get a bunch of multi-colored tape.

Before you take the projector and things down down you put a piece of of the same color tape on both sides of each connection. A different color for each connection. Then you only have to match the colors and it set back up.

Darlings, bless you all and I want all of you to have my babies, er, but not Andra who obviously fails to understand that a sensitive and artistic nature like mine finds it hard to come to terms with all this bloody-bloody techie-electronicie-computerie-thingie. Anyway, thanks for the tips, I'll file them carefully in my memory bank, er, when I remember where I put it!

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