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Saturday, 05 January 2013


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I'm having trouble with your blog, Duffers: when I open comments I then find that when I try to return to your home page I get a blank window.

A "blank window". Perhaps this is a post-modernist critique of my style!

I can't really help, DM, everything seems to work OK here. *Please* let me know if it continues and I will pass it on to 'Mary-Belle', or 'Sue-Ellen', or 'Jody-Ann', the statuesque Californian blondes (in my mind) who man, er, I mean, woman the desks at TypePad.

Either that or shuffle after me into the 21st century and get MS8 from my new best friend Bill!

Not on an iMac, Duffers. No fear.

You only bought that because it had "Mac" in the title!

"As one wiseacre (I forget who) put it, the vast majority of Jews in the USA are second or third generation away from the Holocaust and they are now far more Democrat than they are Jewish"

Norman Finkelstein?

In a nut-shell, and I do mean "nut"!

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