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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


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Your penultimate para sez it all.

Defy you not to have had a tear in the eye over the duet though

Kind regards

Yeah, David, it is gorgeous.

Picky, picky, picky.
Bloody whinging Pom!
Not that this ignorant old Aussie sheila knows a damned thing about opera. Well, I know I like the music well enough, just don't like all the people shrieking at me.
Carmen excepted... love the music and can cope with the shriekers, sort of.
There. Another country heard from.

You should have gone to see it, Andra, er, they do have cinema 'out back', don't they? Doesn't that old geezer still come round every month in his wagon with his hand-turned projector to show his films up against the jailhouse wall, it being the only brick-built building in town?

I am no great opera fan, I quite agree with Andra, the music is fine, but the squawking ain't. In fact some of my favourite pieces of music are opera intermezzi.

If, like me, you are a Simpsons aficionado, you will be aware that Homer played Rodolpho in the episode 'Homer of Seville':

Never having been to one of these 'simulcast' events, may I ask : if the subtitle system had bee working, would it have had a 'bouncing ball thingy' that moved from word to word, allowing the audience to singalong?

Enough childishness from me, I will allow the more erudite comments to continue.

The problem with this approach to opera is the close ups. They are just too close. I remember seeing a Star Trek film and the huge close ups of the lady officers of the Enterprise were just awful. Talk about pock marks! It wasn't a problem with the black radio officer of course. Perhaps the obvious answer for these opera simulcasts is to get the cameramen to back off.

Not much 'erudition' here, Paul, but I like the idea of the singalong even if, given my non-singing abilities, I might have been asked to leave.

Quite so, BOAE, it was the close-ups that spoiled the simulcast. However, for plays and also ballet, these simulcasts are terrific and I urge you to give them a try.

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