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Thursday, 17 January 2013


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So, Paddy O'Bama's kids have armed guards so all good American kids should have armed guards too. Thus speaketh the NRA (and whisper 'hypocrites'). So Paddy does an ad too - children, puppy dogs, flowers, sugar, spice and all things nice. Bottom line - the NRA are not nice folks (and whisper 'Republicans'). Blame the father of spin - Edward Bernays.

Just a political game, nothing will happen and anyway it's their gaff so their rules.

I saw 'The Kraut' on a YouTube link and he reckons the legislation will fail because of Democrats. Every time they try and ram through gun control laws any Democrat Congressmen who voted for it more or less gets run out of town at the next election:

True DD, they all randomly feed at the same trough.

Hmm, so the 'O - mighty' has spoken.

Let's see. The 23 'commandments' do, effectively, nothing, zero, zilch - except, possibly, get certain Federal organisations to 'do the job they already get paid for'.

The proposed bans and restrictions will put in place a strict framework of legislation surrounding gun ownership which, purely coincidentally, mirrors that already in place in Connecticut (you know the place where the murders took place - so it works really well at preventing them doesn't it?) not to mention Chicago. The one addition, funding/encouraging 'school resource officers', whilst at least a positive measure, was - shock, horror! - actually proposed by those 'nasty hypocrites' the NRA.

Guns exist (and thank God too as I really can't see myself as a serf) and all the wishing on rainbows and unicorns won't change that. That every such mass murder occurs in the one place in an area where the perpetrator(s) can guarantee there will be no-one armed to stop them is a fact even the hard-of-thinking (and Democrats, or am I repeating myself?) should be able to see. The fact is they do, and therefore it is they who are the hypocrites (their kids go to schools with armed guards, just as their kids go to private schools whilst they espouse clap-trap about the public school system). The NRA, roger, wants you to be able, in a world with guns, to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones - hypocrisy? I think not.

So those children and teachers died as a direct result of the policies of Mr O and his ilk. For him then to use their deaths as an excuse to further his ideology is despicable in the extreme. As another blogger put:

"You'd think that before they waved the bloody shirt, they'd have the decency to take it off the dead kid first."

Well, my (whisper hypocrites) was aimed at Obama, didn't make that explicit - sorry. I don't see myself as a serf either but then if the govt wants to get you they will.

No roger, apologies are mine. I have this annoying habit, especially from my soap-box position, of 'preaching to the choir'

No offence intended (I have read your previous posts you know)

"if the govt wants to get you they will"

I was going to say 'Molon Labe' but then (here in the PRUK) I thought 'bugger! They already have' ;-(

To quote Babylon Five (see am I 'current' and 'hip' or what) - 'the last, best hope for humanity'. Possibly why I get so 'het up' when they try to dismantle what makes it so.

Just sayin'

What are you two on about?

Personally, I'm glad to see finally it's not just me.

(By the way DD, see that comment from 'Up2L8' above? Resides between me and oh, Gaston's - placemark that in the offchance I confuse you in the future so's you've someone who speaks [types] the Queen's English.)

I'm confused now, JK, "Gaston's"???

Remind me never to get in a plane with you.

Recall scaring the shit outta Salem (incidentally, the FAA would like you to post directions to your abode) - click for the chart:

OH, that Gastons! Hell, I've crashed my Cessna on that grass strip many a time and oft'!

At least you made it on the grassy strip while others elected a more aquatic ending.

They were probably navy pilots, 'Uppers', not 'Flight Sim' aces like me!

By the way, I gather you are a neighbour of JK, er, my commiserations!

Your gathering is quite good, just across the crick apiece.

Ah! Right! Well, keep dug in, is my advice!

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