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Sunday, 20 January 2013


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I suspect Lady Gaga is there because they owe her a debt of gratitude. Obama learnt a lot from her about courting attention and popularity when you are decidedly short on talent.

I know, oh yes I know - but sometimes 'the Kraut' seems to ignore for convenience sake. He writes:

" exchange for the Senate’s delivering a budget by that date — after four years of lawlessly refusing to produce one."

Ah well, fine and good Kraut says the Senate's to blame but there is that pesky Article 1, Section 7 of the US Constitution.

And David, you've typed "Obama and the Dems owning the problem they created"!

All I'd say about that is - if there's a single thing acted and been placed upon the American People bi-partisanly throughout the whole of the past 30 years - it's this fiscal situation.

(I have no opinion on Lady Gag-Gag.)

"Ah well, fine and good", JK, but that "Article 1, Section 7" is concerned with raising taxes NOT with setting a budget proposing how those revenues should be spent. Where 'The Kraut' gets the idea that the Senate is legally bound to produce an annual budget, I do not know, but I wouldn't bet the deeds of the house that he is wrong!

However, you are absolutely right that overspending by the Feds has gone on for decades and I was careless with my phrasing to suggest otherwise - not least because only a couple of weeks ago I provided a diagram proving exactly that - duh!

Oh God, 'W', don't tell me he, or even worse, his missus, are going to strip to their underpants and, er, gyrate!

My bad.

Section 2 then.

Nah! Still a 'fail', JK, because that is concerned with, amongst other electoral and representational matters, with 'Taxation' not budgets. Collecting the dosh is one thing, how it is to be spent is another.

Well. How's 'bout a way to put Lady Gag to good use?

Lady Gaga is actually very talented and a damned good singer.
Her duet with Tony Bennett (Lady is a Tramp) is terrific.
I was surprised and delighted to discover this.
She's a smart cookie, keeps herself in the limelight with her outrageous outfits but .... SHE CAN SING!

JK, I thought the 'Memsahib' had already done that when the nurse at the British Military Hospital, Singapore, drew back the cover and showed me 'SoD' for the first time! God Almighty, I thought, he's hideous!

If you say so, Andra, who am I to argue?

I am good with the swearing in ceremony. The massive parties following it seem unnecessary. Just have a nice dinner at the white house and get back to work. Better yet, take a ten minute break, raise your hand and mutter “ I solemnly promise and swear to uphold the Constitution if convenient”, then go back to what ever.

Even though “mandated by law” to be held on January 20th, for a setting President seems a bit redundant.

Actually being sworn in for the third time, remember the Chief Justice Roberts flub and the “quiet” second 'oathing'????

But hey, we’re talking `bout the king of pomp and circumstance.

Oh yes, 'Uppers', poor old Roberts forgot his lines, didn't he, and there was no prompt to help him out. I feel for him, darling. because on my many stage performances I always felt that the prompt should have taken a bow at the end, not me!

The hook, the hook!
Get 'im orf!

Yes, Andra, I often heard the SM off-stage desperately searching for it!

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