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Monday, 21 January 2013


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As I may have mentioned before, there has been thirty-five years worth of oil supplies left in the world ever since I first became aware of that fact - which was, I think, around 1964.

Today I believe they are still saying it.

Oh, and don't forget whatsisname (it may have been Ehrlich yet again) who stated that there would be mass starvation in the US by the 1980's because it would be impossible to grow enough food for the rising population.

They just never learn.

"We don't have to burn effigies of him, just have enormous blow-up balloons"

But surely Ehrlich predicted that the global balloon supply would be exhausted by 1988? I can't recall the exact date, but I'm sure he said it would be a Wednesday.

Well now David. Don't you feel you ought send a jug of Glenfiddich to the oh so perceptive lad who turned you on to NightWatch?

NW being where those nice fellows put forth such things as "It is not surprising to find yourself laughing at these dire predictions of what's to come 30 years out - when the same experts cannot tell you what's to come 30 days from today!"


Andrew, 1964 was when sex was invented, you should have been concentrating on that! And as for the American population, I can't speak for that but the American people are growing larger as any Wal-Mart store will prove!

Oh God, AK, I'd forgotten The Great Vanishing Balloon Scare!

I owe you one, JK.

Oh no it was 1963.

Oh no it wasn't! It was 1964 because that was the year I married and, honestly, darling, I never had sex before then!

Sexual intercourse began
In nineteen sixty-three
(which was rather late for me) -
Between the end of the Chatterley ban
And the Beatles' first LP.

Oh him! He was just larkin' about!

Duff, no sex before 1964 and very little after, as I heard it.

How do you know that? Have you been e-mailing the 'Memsahib' on the quiet?

I think global warming doesn't exist, but I respect those who do. I was actually speaking with a newtown heating representative and he told me that he thinks it is only going to get worse. I hope he isn't right.

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