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Friday, 21 June 2013


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There are few things uglier than the reaction of a left leaning rulers being attacked from the left.

Exactly so, Hank.

The rugby today was a good contest, though the better side lost. There was one lovely irony; the Australians performed quite a few illegal obstructions (in my view) and then lost to a try resulting from a move that also, perhaps, included one. Ha, ha.

P.S. It wasn't so long ago that it was only the All Blacks who routinely committed obstructions.

So, DM, it's , "We blame the ref" time - again - just like 'footie'!

No, the ref was consistent on obstructions - he's a Kiwi after all, he doesn't mind them. He was also consistent on yellow cards: he could have given two, one to each side, for killing the ball, but he didn't. He had a pretty good game I thought.

The better side lost not because of the ref, but because they missed their kicks, most dramatically in the last minute when the goal-kicker's standing foot slipped as he kicked. On such small margins .....

Fair enough but I hear this morning that one of the Aussies is up before the beak for stamping. Swine! Our decent British chaps wouldn't stoop so low.

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