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Sunday, 23 June 2013


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The expression "stiff upper lip" is of American origin.


He, apparently, has sought political asylum in Hong Kong but not being a very intelligent Intelligence man he failed to realise that a year before us Brits vacated the place we signed a mutual extradition treaty with the USA.

I don't think so, JK, he's too much in the glare of publicity, just as Assange was. Also, he's on Chinese territory and the HK police used to be highly efficient and I have no reason to suppose that has dropped off since we left.

Thoughts David?

On what, precisely, JK?

Interestingly enough Assange is still at the Ecuadorian Embassy, after a year. Snowden, already on his way to Ecuador.

The extradition treaty with HK would have been valid had the charge been criminal felony theft. Many countries don't recognize an Political crime (e.g. Political Espionage) as an extraditable offense, especially back to the offended country. As they say, the fine print will get ya every time.

But do they really, really want him?
The big question that I think one needs to know and fully understand is, just what did Mr. Snowden disclose, and to whom did he disclose it?

As far as I am aware, the entire flap is about him having publicly disclosed facts about our federal government spying on its own citizens.

Do they want him back?, Not really. Much too embarrassing, hence the filed charge. This way they are fairly assured of his not returning and putting them in an even more embarrassing situation.

...Anyway, this and other surreptitious meetings are a sign that China has decided that it needs to take a more direct interest in Middle East affairs ...

Actually David, there's other things aside from the tired bromide "Israel and/or Iran" contributing to the Chink's increasing awareness they're gonna have to take a more direct interest.

Up to now, the security problems at Aynak [Afghanistan] have been handled by ISAF - and it might be kept in mind that prior to "us" getting involved, the Chinese were forced to evacuate 30,000 of it's workers from Libya. 30,000!

This is kinda old but...

"Portfolio: China's Stake in the Middle East Unrest is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Off-topic (but when has that stopped me?) recently the subject came up:

Thanks, Uppers, for the *gentle* correction to my spelling - DM would have given me a hundred lines on the spot!

Thanks for the links, JK - there goes the rest of Monday morning!

And a shout out to you Mr. D for the rescue of my rustic Italian.

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