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Sunday, 02 June 2013


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We are as one on Dickens. (I'll except A Tale of Two Cities, which I think by far his best thing.)

"We are as one on Dickens". Pheeew, that's a relief!

I must say that the front page of today's Mail on Sunday is eloquent testament to the wisdom of our courts, wouldn't you say? Especially since they anyway manage to drop hints that solve at least half the riddle.

Oh, no, don't say that Anne Widdicombe and George Brown have been found out at last! Actually, as neither party is in the Cabinet I'm not sure exactly how important it is. Sounds to me like the Mail continuing its kick-back against Leveson.

...some pillock called Jo Weisberg who couldn't spell 'sublelty'!

Is that some sort of subtle hint David?

I don't get it!

Would Sarah Dunnant be a 'pillock' too?

Well spotted, JK, that was my, er, deliberate mistake of today slipped in to make sure you were all paying attention. JK will now be allowed to sit at the *back* of the class, not the front because he keeps on interrupting teacher!

I would never call a lady a pillock, JK!

You allude, Duffers, to the peculiar English habit of putting the troublesome and dim at the back of the class. In my Scottish school the opposite was done; the pests and thickos were gathered at the front while the smart cookies were sat at the back.

Actually, DM, in reality I don't ever remember any teachers using either practice, although I remember one male teacher who was deadly accurate with the blackboard cleaner where-ever I was sitting!

Does the memsahib know that you are available, or may be, for Mrs Douglas?
I would have thought that you ARE not available.
Is the memsahib sick of you already?

She knows, Andra, that I have been available to a host of women going back to Sophia Loren in her prime but she doesn't mind because she knows that none of them ever answer my letters!

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