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Saturday, 22 June 2013


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The Death of Democracy predicted many times but it survives because it is such a flexible concept - it can be quite authoritarian or very liberal depending on how the money flows. A good essay is at LRB 5th Jan 2012 David Runciman 'Will we be all right in the end?'. The ? is significant.

Looking back over the past 400 years democracy as we know it has only been in place for about 100 years and existed in a pretty authoritarian and dishonest form until the '60s. Since then the money has dried up but the illusion has been kept going through the techniques of the advertising world - flim-flam merchants of which Dave et al are (I hope) the last examples. Tough but open and truthful - is that too much to ask?

Answered my own question - yes it is too much to ask.

A man may hope, Roger! I suppose the chance to turf the rascals out every five years is the most we can expect and, having taken a realistic look at many of the people I know, perhaps that's enough.

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