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Tuesday, 07 January 2014


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A lot of commentators over here claim that Obama was "prince-like" when passing the ACA. He purposely made it so bad, that the country will move to a government run, single payer system just to get out of it.

In keeping with the messiah complex, this makes him a wise leader.

I don't think he's that subtle, Dom. However, there are plenty of people around him who don't care much one way or the other how bad it is, they know they have just shifted the American axis to the Left. Of course, what the Republicans have now got to face up to is what they will do in this field which, I suspect, has much appeal to many voters irrespective of the faults with the current model.


I've saved this link (series) for sometime - haven't had occasion to re-read it tho, or the need - and if you click it note, it dates back to 2010.

But anyway, in one of it's four parts it makes the very same observation you do "purposely so bad, the move to single-payer seems to have been it's original intent."

(& Duff? Grab you Michael Kor's handbag should you click the link - the first entry of the four-part series begins with comparing our Obama to your Churchill - not so inaccurately in my opinion).

From Part II (Bear in mind - from 2010):

In return for its support in the healthcare reform battle, President Obama offered the insurance industry the graceful exit strategy it so desperately needed. Under Obamacare, for at least a few years the insurers hope to get One Last Windfall – namely, profits from the influx of previously-uninsured Americans whose premiums will be paid, or at least subsidized, by taxpayers. Here, the insurers are relying on the likelihood that the inflow of new premiums will, for a year or two at least, greatly outweigh the outflow of money they will have to spend caring for these new subscribers. Obviously, they will use every trick in their well-worn book to stave off expenditures for these new subscribers for as long as they can, but if they actually knew how to avoid paying healthcare costs indefinitely, they wouldn’t be seeking a government bail-out today. In any case, an inflow of new subscribers will be a very temporary source of profit for insurers. Hence, at best it is One Last Windfall.

What happens to the insurers after they exhaust this last windfall is still up in the air. Obamacare may, of course, eventually transition to a single-payer system, an outcome which many conservatives desperately fear, and many liberals fervently desire. In this case, there may very well be some final compensatory buy-out (or a buy-off) for the insurance companies. But more likely, the insurance companies under Obamacare will continue to exist essentially as public utilities. ...

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