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Friday, 03 January 2014


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"a combination of education, prosperity and social networking which allows them to realise they are not alone and isolated."

That of course is Mr Xi's problem the communist party versus the capitalist economy both cannot survive as one offers no choice and the other is all about choices and for ever increasing them. Either he will have to renounce capitalism which he wont as it is now too firmly entrenched and would lead to revolt in very quick time and would be totally impractical thing to do anyway. As he will also not renounce the dictatorship of the communist party then he must find ways to strengthen the grip of the party which for the reasons above is beginning to weaken. He may well succeed in the short term by resurrecting Mao but I doubt it will in the long term and lead to a great deal of instability which we should all be very afraid of. The usual way to combat dissent at home is to flare up aggression abroad and that he may have to do in spades. Already escalation of the problems over ownership of the South China sea has been brought into play and that I suspect if the hold of the party weakens further and domestic unrest starts to occur will be just the appetiser for a much more horrific main course.

Mr Xi has a very prissy little mouth. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him and so I won't.

I tend to agree with you, Antis, but a lot would depend on what sort of war. A titchy one like our recent spat with the Argies serves wonderfully well to build up national pride, er, especially as we won it but a long-drawn affair with, say, a militant Japan would instantly knock living standards in China and then the People would not be 'velly' happy!

I am led to believe, Andra, that Mr. Xi views the prospect of you throwing him anywhere with less than enthusiasm and thus he is most grateful for your forbearance!

When you have Caligula as your next door neighbour it must be easier to pose as sane.

Too 'JK-ian' for me, DM, who, in this scene, is 'Caligula'?

Take your pick of several dictators and/or loonies, DD.

But ... but ... Julia Gillard departed, didn't she?

"Julia Gillard departed, didn't she?"

She did indeed. But not bloody far enough. Some of her legacy still remains until it can be expunged by the new lot.

Well, at least, AussieD', you have a "new lot" which is more than we do!

AussieD is correct. However, the new lot is almost as bad as the last lot.
All in all, we have a very sad bunch of pollies.
Still, we're not alone, are we?

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