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Thursday, 02 January 2014


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The Dems have such a hold on the media that it needs a humungous blunder before the press will cover it. The alternative is to have a blunder so dreadful that the electorate don't need the media to draw their attention it.

Amazingly, blogs don't seem to be keen to adopt my coinage "Shambolicare".

I "hae me doots" as the Duffster as been seen to type - where appropriate - whether the media can make up for the pocketbook.

I've an acquaintance works in Arkansas' Health Department and got some numbers from that I sent on to a reporter - admittedly, three weeks back so the number of enrollees I would expect are probably up. But whatever the number I suspect, won't be where the rubber meets the road. My source has two sons, mid 20s & single.

One finagled a job with the Federal Government at a new clearinghouse set up in Rogers Arkansas where all the "ACA transactions" go through - the other son, works in the services sector. The "other son" asked his Fed brother how much the plan his employer directed him to obtain was gonna cost. The other's yearly salary is currently $30,000 - exceeding 125% of Arkansas' poverty rate and thus, ineligible for subsidies.

The "worthwhile employed" son's new premium was quoted as one-sixth of his annual income - or, an increase of some 140% over what his formerly employer provided insurance rate was.

He asked his newly Federal-jobber brother, "Well how much will the penalty be as it would appear I [he] ain't gonna be robbed?"

"$4500.00 and change."

There has been some "friction" developed amongst the brothers.

Now mind, I can't speak for how the brothers vote - of if at all - I know how my source votes and alas, it didn't pick a winner last two go rounds. I will say it's probably good for Chief Justice Roberts that Arkansas' eligible voters aren't able to impeach SCOTUS benchwarmers.

(For once I'm perfectly happy to proclaim I'm in the VA system. Well ... actually I've always been satisfied with the VA system, it's just that now I'm more happy.)

DM, as JK indicates it will not require anything much from the media because the message is in that most sensitive area - the take-home pay!

And, JK, it's no good you moaning about SCOTUS. As Roberts put it, and forgive the repetition buts it's worth shouting from the treetops: "It is not our job to protect the People from the consequences of their political choices." Quite so and therefore all those suckers who voted for Obama are about to receive their just deserts!

On some of our transatlantic cousins.

Thanks for that link, DM. He used to be on my 'Favourites' list but in one of my periodic tidy-ups he was eliminated - now he is restored. It's an excellent blog.

If this is not getting too boring, here is another o'care cheerleader who is, ahem, disappointed, poor soul.

She was happy with the plan when she thought others would pay for her, but now she discovered that she is expected to pay for others down the line, so no, it's a bad idea. Do you know what TANSTAAFL means? She doesn't.

I haven't got DM's patience (or intelligence) so please, Dom, tell me what it stands for!

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Thanks, Dom, I really must try and shuffle into the 20th century, ooops, just realised, it's the 21st!

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