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Friday, 03 January 2014


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To "brighten" this dreary post David, amusing facts from "Andra-Land" on the travails of the Australian equivalent of the denizens of planet Deltoid!

Oh God, that was on the news last night and I couldn't find the bloody do-flicker-thingie to switch it off!

JK, thanks for that. Amusing, indeed.
As for Michael Kors - I'd never heard of him/her/it until approximately 2 minutes ago.
Now I'll have to go and check it out. What if I want one? Am I to be denied because he annoys you?

Michael Kors bags ARE crap.
It's official.

I'm saying things and they are disappearing. I hate that!

No, no, Andra, it was just 'bloody-bloody' TypePad sticking you in the Spam Box (where poor old Michael usually ends up) but I have rescued you, as I always will. By the way, you were in there with another two bloody Michael 'Rotten-to-the-Kors' hand bag spams!

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