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Monday, 06 January 2014


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Ian Dury?! How on earth do you know of him?

No comments, so have a Razzle in your pocket, as the second prize.


"Hit me with your rhythm stick."

See, even I have heard of him.

Are you trying to see your old father off to an early grave, Lawrence, so you can inherit my overdraft?! Gosh, those old mags brought back some memories . . .

... Yeh, under the shoebox on your side of the wardrobe. Never said how grateful I was - and you saved me from a life of crime.


Thanks, Lawrence, you'll be telling them all about my spandex suit and the rack of whips next!

We used to sing hit me with your shovel mick. Britain did the right thing in going to war with the Kaiser and we had to honour our treaty with little Belgium. The other aim of the Kaiser was to starve Britain into submission and I am sure our diplomats knew this.
This year at a small town called Zonnebeke near Ypres in Flanders Belgium a memorial to the Scottish Black Watch Regiment will be unveiled. Saturday 3 May 2014. Along with English Infantry Regiments they held the line against the Kaisers elite and the protracted war then ensued. The Black Watch lost thousands of men along with the English Regiments. We should be forever grateful to those men.

I'll raise a glass to that, Jimmy.

The parliamentary arithmetic was indeed greatly simplified by the 'Belgian thing'. So, for instance, the Irish Nationalists (some 80 or so?) were in favour of war for Belgium, when they would have struggled to justify intervention to protect France.

Yes indeed, 'H', I had forgotten the 'Oirish' who were a real factor in Parliamentary circles in those days.

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