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Sunday, 05 January 2014


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I definitely prefer the ones before they get a Mitre.

And stuffing around with the prose of the King James Bible ought to be treason.

One could even refer the ecclesiastical titists to John 11:35

Mr Cameron's pledge is only generous if you believe his inflation figures. I seem to remember that inflation for OAPs is about 12%. I must admit I am not sure about this as it is some time since I bought one. An OAP that is.

"Jesus wept". Well-quoted, AussieD.

I'm available, BOE, one careful owner, low(ish) mileage, only a few 'dinks and donks' but most important, very cheap!

That 9-year old ... Wow!dxx

The kkk in a black ER room? He still has his hat on? Sorry, a well-known fake. See here ...

Oh, pesky facts! You're such a spoil-sport, Dom!

OK Mr Duff. But I am afraid I don't have a garage, so I'll have to park you in the road.....

The engagement, BOE, is OFF!

Yesterday I read a piece by an American commentator about that bunch of exhibitionists and rogues on the ship stuck in the Antarctic ice. He wondered what they had expected, venturing there in winter.

I suppose American notions of history and geography must be attributable to something they put in the breakfast cereal?

I read that the biggest danger they faced were Polar Bears.t

Nah, DM, they've been sniffing all that white powder on Nigella's cup cakes!

Nah again, BOE, that was me and my mates dressed up in fur coats to give them a frit! Well, they're so clueless they wouldn't know the difference between Arctic and Antarctic would they?

The more the left scream and rage over Gove, the more I think he must be worth supporting...

Quite so, Julia, and it's odd how little they rage about 'Dave'!


Well, I'm with dearieme. What he said!

Is the 'Archbish' a tit?

Has the archbishop SEEN a tit?

First things first, DD.

Was it something I said, DM, er, if so, what, exactly?

Well, the one who doesn't shave might not but the other one must look in a mirror occasionally!

Note to dearieme: At this time it's summer in Antartica, so it's even more ironic.

Note to BoE: Polar bears inhabit the Artic region. I think their biggest threat was staring back at them in the mirror.

Indeed, Timbo, mirrors never lie!

Note to Timbo. I KNOW Polar bears live in the Artic. But does Prof whats-his-name know? Anyway, they were probably GMPs in disguise. (Giant Mutant Penguins).

I find the idea of GMPs too incredible to contemplate. Now if, on the other hand, they were GAMPs (Giant Albino Mutant Penguins)....

... nobody would spot them in all that snow!

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