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Saturday, 04 January 2014


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Who cares whether the RINOs self implode there are more important issues in the world.

05:23 GMT. 5 - 0 :-)

I knew it! I BLOODY WELL KNEW IT! Just couldn't resist, could you? See a poor defenceless Pom on the ground and you have to give him a kick! And that's despite the fact that you know full well that if the position was reversed the inbred good manners and courtesy with which we English always treat our Aussie sports opponents would mean that the subject would never be mentioned, well, not more than once or twice ... OK, maybe four or five times ... oh alright, shouted from the rooftops, but still, that's no excuse ... sorry, but I can't write anymore ... I feel like crying again ...

The 20-20 comp is coming up. Perhaps they can redeem themselves.

Never mind the crying - where's that stiff upper lip the Brits are supposed to be good at - apart from building Empires and saving the heathens. Though that would probably be frowned upon by the current breed of titists.

20-20 is 'rounders' by another name and is beneath contempt. And my stiff upper lip went the way of the other part of my anatomy that used to stiffen on occasions!

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