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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


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And yet, most of the letters are more cogent than what JK comes up with when he's drunk.

Or, come to think of it, when he's sober!

yeah, but he kowtows to AIPAC and that's all that matters.

Well, that's very rude. JK may be rather incoherent sometimes but there's nothing wrong with his spelling.

I was astonished today to see reference, on a financial blog, to "Systematic Risk Panty". I had had no idea that such blogs were about the social lives of young adult males. Imagine my disappointment when I realised that the morons had chosen a lousy font, and what they actually meant was "Systematic Risk Parity". I blame their education.

'Ams', does he really? Mind you, I suppose the Jewish lobby is quite powerful in New York so if you're running for office ...

Quite right, Andra, his spelling is usually impeccably correct, er, if you speak 'Arkie' that is. I think his only real problem is the order in which he puts his words!

Hmmmn! DM, the first sounds more exciting than the second!

Myself have nary a problem understanding JK. The trick is to listen fer the echo.

Obviously a course where English is a second language and badly taught at that.

I spent two weeks in Nooo Yawk last March while SWMBO was doing important stuff at the U[ninspiring] N[umpties] building just round the corner. [She's very clever for an Old Sheila but years ago couldn't resist a young man in uniform who she is still trying to train].

Had a great time once we got the language difficulties sorted out and we all realised that Australian and American are actually versions of one of the many dialects to be found in that small, wet island from whence a lot of us originate - some voluntarily and some not. The concierge at the hotel and I spent some time telling each other jokes some of which we both understood.

Didn't meet anyone who was a fan of their new Mayor.

I sit at my desk every day and watch boys and men of all ages try to fill out very simple employment and taxation forms. Most (let's say 80%) are virtually illiterate. I had one yesterday who could not spell the suburb he lives in and truly could barely write his own name. He's about 19. I had another one, about the same age, a few months ago just the same. And then, when we employ them, they have to fill out a weekly Time Sheet so I know what jobs they have been on and what hours they worked. Some of these are quite amazing and a bit of a challenge to figure out what the hell they've done and where they've been.
One this week tells me he was at Awkward (Orchid) Valley. Another one assures me he went to Karumba (about 400 km away) - more likely it was Kuranda (about 15 km. away).
None of them know the difference between a concrete pour and a poor but I do, so that's alright.
It is extremely depressing and I don't expect it to get better. They don't read - their parents don't read - they just do things with their thumbs on their phones/computers.
The literacy war has well and truly been lost.
The up and coming generations will not speak any languages we understand but I won't be around, so it won't matter.

Uppers, thanks for that tip, I'll listen out for it next time JK appears - where the hell is he, anyway?!

Well, AussieD, I wish you help me out with some of the dialects around here with their 'oo ar', oo ar'!

Your comment makes me very angry, Andra, because I do think that depriving someone of the power to read is like crippling them for life.

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