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Saturday, 22 February 2014


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Obama doesn't know a thing about foreign policy or military strategy, but on bail-outs he's a bona fide expert at conjuring 'em up with not an American dime to back 'em. Wonder who would back this loan - the Chinese, the Saudis, the Russians.... hummm, that won't work, lol.

She looks like O's kind of woman - reminiscent of the Danish P.M. who took a selfie with him while Michelle glowered. I don't suppose you could run a photo of that episode, could you, Duffers?

I always thought she was a bit a looker but jail has not been kind to her and she has obviously suffered badly whilst there. Says a lot about the now defunct regime. As you intimate the future is possibly going to be fraught will all sorts of problems. As I understand it the EU had only offered a paltry amount in the millions not the billions Vlad has offered hence my previous comment about the Ukraine being better off with Russia. SoD disabused me of that notion when he so eruditely explained the reasons why the opposite was true for which he owes me no apology freedom of course is above price. How the EU now acts will no doubt have profound effects on the outcomes in the following month so I hope they act generously and sensibly which they are not famous for doing so expect it all to go badly.

Vlad has been outmanoeuvred in the middle east and now in his own back yard. Next revolution Moscow. Then our ruffty-tuffty eastern prodigal son rejoins the European family, leaving his eastern vassals to the hairies.

The Great Powers, and the whole Judeo-Christian, Romano-Greek, post-renaissance, post-enlightenment, liberty and democracy family, rough and smooth, and all in between, sit down together for Xmas dinner 2015. After 2500 years we made it.

Oh, and an inexhaustible supply of energy, and with open borders, a deluge of the hottest chicks on the planet.

And then I woke up. Maybe in my lifetime.


"I always thought she was a bit a looker"

Ant she is drop dead gorgeous.

"the sort of thing the Yanks do so often - and usually so badly!"

The difference is that our American cousins want to be loved and win the hearts and minds while tying the military down to being largely ineffectual in what it does best. Ivan's philosophy is simply "If you drag them by the short and curlies their hearts and minds will follow" and they allow the military to do what it does best.

It seems that not everyone want's to follow the concept of individual freedom and parliamentary democracy that the Anglosphere advocates.

Leave the bludgers to sort out their own problems and Ms Tymoshenko is drop dead gorgeous - might be useless as a "pollie" [and might not be - could be the Ukraine's Maggie T] but hey you can't have everything.

Anyway down here in the bottom bit of the world our care factor is bugger all.

Liberty, we can't even use your printing presses, they're too busy printing dollars!

Antis, she certainly appears to be an extraordinary woman - and the fact that a mere woman has clobbered Vlad's man will have him chewing carpets! Pay no attention to SoD, obviously he was very badly brought up . . . (er, something wrong there!) I'm not quite sure what people mean when they say Ukraine would be 'better off' either with the Russians or the Europeans. Ukraine is nearly broke, but so is the EU. Yes, they have nasty policemen in Russia but when all you want is a job . . .

SoD, I worry about you sometimes!

AussieD, I can see your taste in women runs to the Nordic-Slav variety. I may have to let Mrs. AussieD know about this sort of thing!

I would advise everyone to check out The National Interest site which has several interesting articles on the Ukraine problem as seen from different angles - worth reading:

'Anyway down here in the bottom bit of the world our care factor is bugger all.'


We just look on and muse on the follies of the humans.

And anyway, our wine is better than theirs!

Spot on Andra.

A cheeky Millewa red or a crisp Claire Valley or Western District [Vic] white is hard to beat. Not to neglect a good solid Aussie beer [ice cold of course] on a warm day.

"I may have to let Mrs. AussieD know about this sort of thing!"

Duffers that's how it all started back when I came up to the big smoke as a mere lad of 16 and took the Queen's Shilling back in 1958 and met this Nordic beauty I've been married to for the last 51 years. It was lust at first sight. My Dear old Mum warned me about fast city sheilas but you know how it is - silly young buggers don't listen to their mum until it's too late. Absolutely no regrets - it was the smartest decision the Nordic Beauty has made.

Mind you we have somewhat lost the bloom of youth [me not her of course]

A near double coincidence, AussieD, I took the Queen's shilling in 1958 and this year is our fiftieth. How could two girls so far apart have had such luck at more or less the same time?

Duffers they obviously saw real quality in who they were looking at.

And a good uniform worn properly is always helpful - makes them feel safe from the start. And my dear old Mum took her under her wing from their first meeting and the Nordic Beauty's mum and mine got on like a house on fire. Sometimes you just can't help good luck.

1958 - seems like it was only yesterday. I did 34 years with "The Colours" and never regretted it - started at the bottom and left with a Crown and two pips. Life was good and still is only some parts of the old frame now protests at things we would not have thought about as a youngster.

"a good solid Aussie beer [ice cold of course] on a warm day": when I lived in Oz there was only one good Aussie beer, at least on the mass market. Ozzies largely drank gnat's piss.

Look out, incoming 'MacContraryness'!

AussieD, I only came across Aussie soldiery once and that was in Singapore Had a few drinks with them and wandered back to my billet thinking that I had never heard such ultra-long sentences stuffed as they were, with four-letter words at every third word. I tended to lose track of the meaning because of the complexity!

Actually, that is not quite true because I have a vivid childhood memory of getting on my local bus sometime during the run-up to the Queen's coronation and finding it full of 'foreign' soldiery from barracks down the road where they were being housed. I particularly remember three Aussie soldiers, each of them the biggest men I had ever seen in my young life and they filled the back seat of the bus which would normally take five skinny Brits.

What is it about corrupt politicians and duck houses, ffs?

The lake by Viktor Yanukovych's house, with its very own duck houses.
"The lake by Viktor Yanukovych's house, with its very own duck houses."


And gold taps - see my grump in today's Sunday Rumble.

Mind you, there was lots of good wine, some of it absurdly cheap.

"What is it about corrupt politicians and duck houses, ffs?"

Politicians are foxes.

Spot on, as usual, DM!

Some lines from G.K. Chesterton's poem 'The Secret People' spring immediately to mind...

"We did and died like lions to keep ourselves in chains."


"We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street.
It may be we shall rise the last as Frenchmen rose the first.
Our wrath come after Russia's wrath and our wrath be the worst.
It may be we are meant to mark with our riot and our rest
God's scorn for all men governing. It may be beer is best."

I doff my hat to those who lost their lives in Kiev and I pray that their sacrifice will not prove to have been in vain.

There is now a wonderful Australian beer called "Clipper". Comes from Western Australia and is very light and tasty. Just the spot after a hard day's work watching the cricket.

DM you would appreciate our beer more if you knew how long it took to breed a species of gnat that would urinate beer in the quantities required.

"Just the spot after a hard day's work watching the cricket". Unkind Andra - our Brit cousins are still getting over their last visit here.

AussieD - we won't mention South Africa at the moment, will we?

The first journalist I've read who elucidates my view of the future: Putin's Russia unravelling, and my dream of Russia rejoining Europe: -

"The core of this process would be a shared understanding that both the EU and Russia need to modernise their attitudes, with the European Union also committing to changing its structures to create flexible membership-lite options for countries such as Ukraine and Turkey and maybe, in due course, Russia itself. Who knows, maybe this process could also help the UK itself define a different relationship."

Remember you heard it here first. And perhaps you don't need to worry about me, after all.

There is just a hint of a whiff of napalm (or molotov cocktail) in the morning. And we know what that smells of.


I posted the above before reading the final paragraph of the linked article, such was my excitement at finding a fellow traveller with professional cred: -

"Such a project would be fiendishly complicated to set up. It would drag on for years. But it would have significant strategic advantages. After centuries of war and misery, all Europeans at long last would be sitting around a table to work out where and what Europe actually is. And all European governments would have a say in deciding the outcome, rather than letting violent events on the streets of Ukraine – and perhaps later in western or central Europe and up into Russia if this one is badly mishandled – take their course."

Well I'm damned. There it is. And if that's not worth dying for, I don't know what is. I mean, we've doing it for 2,500 years. Imagine, imagine, if they were the last 88 to go that way.

Xmas dinner, 2015. Maybe. If not, please, plllleeeaasse, let it be in my life time.


Richard, "That old common arbitrator, Time" will eventually provide a (temporary) answer.

And you Aussies can keep your beer - and your remarks concerning the 'c'-word, no, no, not that one, I mean the game!

Lawrence, "Calm down, dear", it's all ifs, buts and maybes and the only definite fact is that the Eurocrats will screw it up! I'm busy now but I will post on it later because the article was very interesting and thoughtful.

"you Aussies can keep your beer"

Duffers we do. We only export the crap stuff like Fosters and keep the good stuff for our own small thirsts.

Wine is different - got to export it as we couldn't drink all we make.

"the only definite fact is that the Eurocrats will screw it up!"

They would, if they were given the chance. But they're not running the new Europe show, Angela Merkel is. She's stayed up close and personal with the leaders of the two flanks of her new, loose, empire for some time now: Cameron and Putin. Cameron is already eating out of her hand, and given the dire situation Putin has let himself get into, he'll be eating out of her hand soon too (or his replacement).

If Merkel pulls off a new multi-speed Europe with all the European countries on board, she'll become a historical legend. The global strategic implications are immense. No more NATO needed. The last big bad boy on the block, China, outflanked to the North West by Europe, and the South East by America.

As if the Chinese people aren't going to rise up and get the freedom and democracy the rest of the big boys are enjoying.

Game over for tyranny in the history of mankind. I wonder what happens next?


Good Grief, how come I'm such a pessimist and you're such an optimist, Lawrence?

She looks like Eva Prawn with that NAZI hair piece.

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