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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


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Young middle class faux radicals would sign up to almost anything in the seventies. At the time they meant every word so long as it didn't make much of an impact on real life. Some never got out of the habit and even made a career of it.

That about sums it up, AK, and of course, we all did silly things when we were young but must of us, if taxed on it today, would apologise for our youthful misdemeanours - but not, apparently, if you are a pompous prat in the Labour party more used to telling other people where they have gone wrong!

"NCCL, which provided affiliate membership and a platform for the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)".

Duffers surely you jest. What self respecting organisation would even countenance supplying membership to a kiddie fiddler group? Or is it that the problem is the NCCL is not a "self respecting organisation".

A NSW Labor [the bastards can't even spell] pollie down here by the name of Milton Orkopoulos "got done" for child pornography - maybe an organisational thing. He was sentenced to 13 years and 11 months reduced on appeal to 13 years and 8 months.

Only one place for "rock spiders" and that is inside on of HM's secure residential facilities.

'AussieD, it's not so much what they did 'back in the (silly) day' but that today they refuse to apologise or even admit they were in error.

As for paedos, themselves, I found myself in an awkward position a year or two back when it became known that a man I knew (not well) and rather liked had a history of paedophilia. As I understood it he had 'done the crime' and subsequently 'done the time'. I was hard-pressed to work out my re-action to it because I like the guy and as far as I know in all other respects he is a good man. I think my attitude could be summed up thus: If I knew he was 'at it' again I would shop him to the Plod instantly but other than that I was happy to see him on the odd occasions when we meet.

The problem is that we are *ALL* under tremendous pressure from our genes whose make-up is in effect decided on a dice roll. Thus some (most) are hetero, some are homo, some forswear sex altogether, and so on. The law is the law and there can be no exceptions but it as well, I think, to understand that it is a complicated subject.

Isn't there simple joy in seeing Hatey Harbinger outed by the Mail?

'Lovin' it, jest lovin' it!'

It is a shocking indictment of our society that when information is laid bare calling into question peoples characters or misdeeds that the subsequent debate about it is not about the substance of that information. The alleged miscreants instead of defending themselves with facts descend instead to the infantile level of name calling and faux victimhood. The people appear to be quite happy to judge the merits of the accusation based on this cleverness of spin and partisanship.

I am tempted, Antis, to shrug and mutter 'it was ever thus' but actually it wasn't. There was a time when people apologised, or even, SHLOCK-HORROR - resigned.

David. The Mail should take a look at the civil liberty scum apologists for the fascist IRA. Maybe the same names will crop up.

Almost certainly, Jimmy!

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