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Thursday, 06 February 2014


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The Chinese might build all sorts of advanced weapons, the designs of which their espionage will have delivered from the USA, but with any luck they'll build them to Chinese standards of quality.

In that normality, the US is a Pacific power, but not an Asian power.

Shrewd indeed David, and to further illustrate that observation in practice:

Indeed dark clouds can be seen to be coalescing above the skies of south east Asia. Whether it will turn into a full scale gale or not I believe will depend on how China's economy performs in the next few years. Sluggish growth problems but an asset bubble collapse, which is looking increasingly possible as there has been massive amounts of mal-investments, could be the condition to unleash the perfect storm.

I was under the impression that there was already a kind of NATO there in the form of SEATO. Although I know little about it and who belongs to it or even if it still exists (I could google it I suppose). If conflict does come to the region then it is hard to see the USA not being involved. The outcome is anybody's guess except that it would benefit no one including the UK.


Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), regional-defense organization from 1955 to 1977, created by the Southeast Asia Collective Defence Treaty, signed at Manila on Sept. 8, 1954, by the representatives of Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The treaty came into force on Feb. 19, 1955. Pakistan withdrew in 1968, and France suspended financial support in 1975. The organization held its final exercise on Feb. 20, 1976, and formally ended on June 30, 1977.

Thanks JK for feeding my laziness. Perhaps they should resurrect SEATO as things stand with China flexing it's muscle and North Korea having a demented leadership. Although this time very much enlarged I am sure there would plenty ready to sign up.

Very interesting link, JK, thanks.

Antis, I think a new version of SEATO will arise naturally as Chinese expansion continues. It will arise all the faster if America stands back from the fray.

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