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Sunday, 23 February 2014


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She may have "ticked off" Michelle but she isn't as attractive as Ms Tymoshenko.

Anyway that trio in the top photo has at least two incompetents in it. Maybe three but being on the other side of the world all I know about Denmark is that Nelson gave their fleet a tickle up in the early 1800's and it was invaded in WW2 by Ms Merkel's forebears.

Hard to believe that once upon a time they were part of the dreaded Viking lot.

Forgot to add that the trio lack any class. The photos were at the memorial service for Mandela and the levity totally inappropriate. I'm no fan of Saint Nelson but when you are the rep for your country at such an event a little gravitas would be appropriate.

What they get up to afterwards is their own business - unless of course some paparazzi gets a good salacious photo or two then its all bets off.

Wyrd bid ful araed

Thanks, Duffers. I agree with ADS - the buggers are paid to go to these events and look solemn.

Agreed but still, it was worthit just to see the expression on Michelle's face - 'pissed off' doesn't get near it!

Shall we agree to call her "Meesh-hell" in future?


You have to read Wodehouse. The stories just don't translate to the stage or screen. Wodehouse even writes them in a way that the printed page adds to the humor. "Her name is Finch Farrowmere, but she pronounces it ffinch ffarrowmere". Or the way Bertie talks about the parts of his own body -- "the Wooster arm has been hurt"

It's all priceless stuff. Really, give it a try.

I first came to like everything about England when I read Wodehouse. Even Shakespeare didn't do that for me

I can't believe you haven't read Wodehouse.

Stop reading all this war nonsense and do something to make yourself smile. The war's over, Duff. Nothing you can do about it. Move on!

Wodehouse is lovely stuff.

And then find Pamela Branch's books. She only lived long enough to write 4 books but they are just bliss. "The Wooden Overcoat" (her first book) is probably the funniest book ever written.

Andra. The War will never be forgotten. Pack up yer troubles in yer old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.

David. Just dug oot ma aunties authentic ration book. If we forget their struggle to feed the weans when the men were sunning it up in the Middle East then shame on us. Keep a strong defence/attack capability and no compromise.

OK, people, I will try and read some Wodehouse - but woe betide you if he fails to make me giggle!

That's the spirit, Jimmy!

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