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Monday, 24 February 2014


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"After centuries of war and misery, all Europeans at long last would be sitting around a table to work out where and what Europe actually is.'
You actually think there will be no revolutions ? Not never?
A mass of people tricked into losing their nationality !

Today the whole world is Europe. Our problem is that they seem to be better at it than we are.
[Sorry, Ortega, you were 'binned' again, don't ask me why!]

You don't have to lose your nationality. It's clear that Europe will be a multi-speed Europe now. At one extreme, the Eurozone countries have surrendered their nationality, but at the other extreme, Britain and Russia might go with a customs union and freedom of movement only arrangement, and all the rest strung out in between. And some moving one way towards more integration, and some moving the other way.

Without the Euro, that has so strengthened Germany at the expense of the periphery, boosting her competitiveness and exports through low exchange rates, and granting her the de facto power of 19 countries, Germany would never have had the strength today to outmanoeuvre Putin in Ukraine and stand boldly up to his coming reaction. The Euro, and the astute Merkel, have given Europe, i.e. Germany, just the right amount of power to pull this off, but not too much more for us to be worried. Without either the Euro, or Merkel, Putin would already be in Kiev by now.

And Cameron will bring back a Ukip killer of a deal in exchange for his support of Merkel's handling of Ukraine and Putin over the next few years. So the nationalistic xenophobes have had their day.

We must just wait for Putin to decide if he will go out with a whimper or a bang. I suspect Merkel is already steering Putin to the least worst reaction on our behalf with these daily phone calls she makes to him.


It would be nice to think all those sovereign States could be sorted into an entity influenced by personal liberty and the ideas of the enlightenment before it becomes Europistan and disappears back into the dark ages.

I admire SoD's optimism - hope he lives to see it realised.

Personally, I quite like being a "nationalistic xenophone" Or was it zenophobe? I think that we see in the Ukraine another of the great plans of the Irish-American in Washington. Putin is going to be sucked into an almighty mess - which should keep him busy. I expect that in Berlin they are already dusting down the plans they used the last time they were operating in the Ukraine.

Just thank God that we don't still have the Loathsome Wee Twat as PM, or we'd be off to war in a trice.

"all European governments would have a say in deciding the outcome"

It's a nice idea, but the EU isn't interested in "all" European governments; it's only interested in one European government - itself - gradually subsuming and then eliminating all the other goverenments.

This is without doubt their aim in Ukraine, and they will continue until someone stops them.

Andrew, I think you are entirely right which is why I (and SoD) would be happy to bring Russia *into* the decision-making on a general European settlement along the lines of EFTA so that there would be a power-base to off-set the Berlin-Brussels axis.

Mind you, I'm not holding my breath!

The Russkies have mobilized.

Will the Jerries follow suit?

It is 2014, isn't it?


Hmmmn! but I notice "A crowd of several thousand people shouting pro and anti-revolutionary slogans have gathered outside the assembly". It may not go all his way! But even if he, in effect, annexes the east end of Ukraine, he has still lost an enormous amount of face - not so much 'Vlad the Impaler' as 'Vlad the Pussy Whipper'!

Another factor is the possible repercussions *inside* Russia. I suspect there is a fair amount of support for the likes of the 'Pussy Riot' girls especially amongst the younger elements who are as equally pissed off with the rampant corruption as the Ukrainians are.

Yep, defo a hint of a whiff of napalm in the morning.

If Europe does unite, or shall we unify, to denote the multi-speed Europe that would result, rather than a United States of Europe political union which would not be possible or desirable, then the borders would be lined up perfectly for the final battle: Europe to the North West with a buffer of Islamic states between us and China. America to the South East with a buffer of South East Asian states and the pacific in between; and the last bad boys on the block: China and North Korea, in the middle.

If China and North Korea collapse with a whimper, then no problem; if they go with a bang, then the war will be fought across Islamic lands (oh dear, what a shame, never mind) and South East Asian (a shame, but no pain, no gain).

Need to get on with it before the Chinese bring their military kit up to free world standards.


"Calm down, dear"!

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