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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


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Given David, your descriptions of your "Waiting to be read" bookpile, this'll probably not be making your "Reasons to be cheerful."

Quite the opposite, JK, and thanks for a superb reading list which I urge my readers to peruse. I was struck by the number of times the 'Sword of Honour' trilogy was mentioned and also the 'Flashman' series which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Personally, I was rather taken with the book on the subject of James Angleton, that strange, obsessive CIA man about whose capabilities nobody seems sure.

But any book list which includes the two parts of 'Henry IV' must be good.

As for beach reads, let me recommend my own Murder in Mexico series of twelve mysteries set in and around the upscale expat colony of San Miguel de Allende. Artist Paul Zacher is drawn into crime investigation because ‘he might see things differently.’ Maybe it’s time for the rich humanity of Mexico to show through all the narco headlines! Ready for the real Mexico, beyond the phony news reports? Take a look at this suspenseful and often funny series, available in Print, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBook in the Apple Store. Start with ‘Twenty Centavos’ by trying a sample on my website.

Thank you, John, and welcome to D&N. I read your sample and I liked it from the very first sentence:

"Tobey Cross opened the door, and with an unconsciously elegant gesture, invited his killer inside."

Excellent, I shall induce the 'Memsahib' to order a copy on her 'tablet-thingie' which I am permitted to use on an occasional basis.

And all you other lot who hang around here, go give it a read!

John Scherber I will certainly have a look at your books.
David, I've started I am Pilgrim. Nearly lost me in the first chapter but the last paragraph got me.
Nearly lost me again before the end of Chapter Two, but now I'm hooked.
All I have to do now is find time to read it.

Yes, Andra, the Memsahib has just ordered John's first book on her tablet-thingie and when I find out how to work it I will read it.

Should you find 'I Am Pilgrim' too tricky you could always use it as an exercise weight! Anyway, let me know how you get on.

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