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Thursday, 26 June 2014


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G'day Duffers,

Your country is, unless you can find another Maggie Thatcher, well and truly f----d. Ever thought of emigrating?

We are already preparing Yarralumla for HM E[II]R because as shore as the sun shines there is f--k all left for her there in the offshore EU.

PS. You can keep Charlie the tampon and we'll have Will and Kate to follow on.

Well, AussieD, that seems to be the history of my country, mostly we are run by dim-witted poltroons but every so often, and usually just in the nick of time, up pops 'A Great Man - or Woman - of History' who saves the day - and then we sink back into lethargy and uselessness.

This is twice I have seen Poland's foreign minister mentioned in the last week. Seems some comments of his were supposedly caught on an open mic. The gist of them was not flattering to Obama and by extension the US. I wonder if these comments were true and if they were directed to Obama.

'Dim Dave' has absolutely no long-term strategic aims beyond wanting desperately to be re-elected. However, what has been just as disappointing has been his obvious lack of ability in the day-to-day tactical manouvrings required inside the Westminster village.

Well David, unless you're still planning on going with UKIP, might cable 'Dim Dave' advising him to get in touch with the GOP in Mississippi.

Y'all don't do "run-offs" does y'all?

Thatcher, Major, Blair-Brown, Cameron. All came to power convinced they could sort out our relationship with the EU. It usually takes about two years for their efforts to end in tears. The rest of the EU must dislike us a lot, all we do is whine and whinge. OK AussieD, you can have Kate's sister.

AussieD will be overcome with excitement. Hope he is up to it.

Whitewall, the word is that Sikorski's comments were quietly released by the Russians to stir up trouble. May or may not be true but it's such a comfort to know that it's not just the NSA/GCHQ who are bugging world leaders!

I have never understood, JK, the American habit of primaries in which *anyone* can vote. Why don't they limit voters to card-carrying, fee paying, party members only?

Quite so, BOE, but will this be a tipping point for Dave?

An Aussie ex-matelot? Of course he will, Whitewall!

OK AussieD, you can have Kate's sister

BoE that is extremely generous of you and much as I would like to accept your kind offer SWMBO may have a different opinion as to that.

G'day Whitewall. Good to see you on this blog also.

David from Oz [the AussieD is Duffer's appellation* for me]

* my big word for the day.

A long time ago I decided to learn one "big" word every day. Got stuck on Aardvark.

AussieD...Good to talk to you. I found this blog via "you know who". I recognized you immediately by your usual eloquence that I have come to know.

We seem to live in an era now where "political friendships" between politicians, a la Thatcher and Reagan, Bush and Blair, that lead to enduring alliances, are completely absent. Everything is a here and now deal, and the bond lasts only as long as the deal, thereafter it's back to square one with no obligations.

Not sure why this is. Perhaps it's the internet age with its micron attention spans, or globalisation where we're all wheeler dealers now, switching our loyalties hither and thither.

Regrettably, I fear Dave is the 80's man, the bond seeker, the long term relationship craver, the Reagan and Thatcher admirer, and Juncker is the man of the moment - along with the crew that are hoisting him up to the presidency, but who might have stabbed in the back: Merkel, Holland, Sikorski, et al.

It's not that Dave is Billy No Mates, everyone is Billy No Mates these days - and proud of it!

So I disagree with Oborne. As you said, we can only wish he was "a shallow, amoral, conniving careerist, determined to secure high office at any cost" so he might carve us out a result from the world of Billy No Mates politics it is today.

Instead we can say: Merkel got shafted cuddling Putin, and Dave got shafted cuddling Merkel. Look ye not for friends; just deals.

So if Dave does bounce Blighty out of the EU, what can we expect from the future outside?

American disregards us because we won't be a poodle on foreign adventures any more - and we haven't got an armed force to be a useful poodle with any more even if we wanted to be, and outside of the EU we serve no purpose as a US rep in Europe. Plus the current glorious leader despises us for scuffing up his granddaddy.

The common wealth countries despise us for ditching them in favour of the EU for 50 years.

Who's left? Putin? China? Southeast Asia? ISIS? The Martians?

Defo no mates out there, me thinks.

So we'd better hope Dave does wisen up out in the post-EU oolie, coz that lot'll have his trousers round his ankles a damn sight quicker than Merkel, Juncker, et al.


To quote a well-known phrase, "What difference at this point does it make?”

I ask, Lawrence, because our country is broke and weak. There is no point in remaining tied to a collection of countries (with one exception) who are even broker and weaker than us, particularly as it is in the national interest of the one prosperous, powerful member of the club to keep us hog-tied.

Our only chance, and I'm not saying it will be easy, is to break off all ties (including NATO!) and just concentrate on working our way back into wealth and prosperity. If you don't think we can do it then you might as well fuck off to America or Singapore or, if you're still filled with pro-European sympathies, then go to Paris!

I think we can do it but only if we face the harsh realities of the world as we have done in our history. When we are prosperous again, then the power will follow - see recent German history!.

England gave birth to the Anglosphere. This gift is why English is spoken around the world and why English is the language of business and truly the language of freedom and hope. Nothing else comes close. England is the heart and soul. It's all there right where it has always been and will remain. When England stands up for England the "Great" in Britain will return. Some awful obstacles are in the way but they are not bombing you nightly, nor blockading your coast or mining your harbors. People are the answer to people who are the problem. It might take some getting loud and angry and even taking to the streets and government buildings.. but so what? The cost of not doing so can be high. I have said before, throwing something or even someone(s) in the water can be a good start.

The same applies in the US in a similar fashion.

You rant on about the success of Germany without acknowledging it was all achieved by being in EU, and in particular, by being in the Euro! Without that undervalued currency (from Germany's point of view) Germany would be in the scheisse.

Or put it this way: if we are to emulate Germany, the best thing we could do is join the Euro and head to the centre of Europe. The power of the city would ensure the Euro was way too undervalued for us, thus propelling us into an inexorable boom - exports competitive, imports less competitive. We might even get a bit more manufacturing going up North. And if ever the Socialists get in, the fiscal constraints imposed by the Jerries - aka austerity, endorsed by you! - would kick in and block them.

And you might have to tolerate a few silly laws about straight bananas and cucumbers, and wankers like Juncker. Well who would you prefer, Miliband?

And then consider stepping outside of the EU, into the joyful world of Obama, the ex-colonials, Putin, and the Chinese. What are they gonna offer us, other than an even more vigorously gesticulted middle finger than the Euros?


You are approaching this from entirely the wrong direction. In or out, nobody is going to "offer us" anything! We have to hack it on our own as we have done throughout our history, only joining *temporary* alliances as and when needed. Remember - 'we have no permanent friends or allies, only permanent interests'!

I have made clear many a time and oft' that I recognise the German game - and I don't blame them a bit. What is daft is for us to join in and become one of their victims! The European leaderships are determined to press for even greater unity and to prove it they have just elected a man whose fervent desire is for an entirely new nation to be created - the United States of Europe. Sorry, but I do not want the laws of England to be subsumed by a bunch of Romanians, Croatians, Germans, etc, etc, plus the bloody French!

You don't seem to realise that Europe, whilst not our enemy in a military sense, is exceedingly and permanently hostile to Britain and everything it stands for. As per Whitewall's remarks above, our only natural sympathisers are in the Anglosphere. That doesn't mean they will come running when we need them but at least they are not, on the whole, palpably hostile.

Remember the David Low cartoon in 1940 with a British Tom on the cliffs of Dover and Churchill's words: "Very well, alone!" Just replace him with a British businessman/factory worker/IT geek or whatever and let's just get on with it!

Your 3rd paragraph puts your finger on it. The 28 nations of the EU are friends, partners, allies - and rivals and enemies. Our plonkers just never seem to see this. Put it another way - we are playing cricket and they are not!

However, Lawrence also has a point. If we cannot get out, one alternative plan is to throw ourselves into the whole scheme whole heartedly. If the Franco-Germans say they want a united states of Europe - lets make sure they get it.

But we can get out, BOE, if the country votes Dave back in, and then if they have the guts to vote 'OUT' in the referendum

Well, Texans understand the situation quite clearly. People whose interests only occasionally and, pretty much by accident, nevertheless govern us, and would very much like to do so in ever more minute detail. Add to that, since the "interests" they support are often born out of fevered Marxist imaginings, their agenda include things not only bad for us, but also bad for them.

Your faith in Dim Dave is touching!

My faith in Dave is minimal, BOE, but, slippery though he be, he cannot now wriggle out of the promised referendum. In any case, come the next election he is the *only* realistic chance of us getting one so don' go wasting your vote on UKIP. I would also emphasise that in my view the referendum will be " a fine run thing" if it ever does come to pass.

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