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Saturday, 14 June 2014


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Since the Presidency is clearly vacant, I wonder when VP BIden will be sworn in as President?

'Oh my Gaaaaaaaard!'

For now, America is not being taken seriously because "America" is absent. The United States is present. "America" is an entirely different thing. Much of the world wanted America to go home and mind our own business. This is what the world will look like for a while.

All too true, Whitewall, and one shudders to think what 'President' Clinton II will make of it!

Or maybe, just maybe, we'll have a President Cruz who'll nominate Secretary of Energy Palin, and a Secretary of State Bolton, and a Secretary of Defense West.

It is becoming more and more clear that all this disaster is going according to plan. No one could be this bad, if it were not on purpose, not even Chauncy Gardner.

Hitlery is really unpleasant,unlike her charming sociopath bear-,oops,I mean, husband.

Alas, I suspect that the GOP has a long way to go and some fierce choices to make if they are going to field a real contender against 'HillBilly'. Also, I wouldn't necessarily want just the opposite to Obama. He has done nothing but his successor mustn't just do something. Today requires a judicious and intelligent defence policy firmly guided by strategic motives rather than political posturing. Whoever it is I don't envy them the job!

Duff, you and your country are perfectly welcome to ride to Iraq's rescue, if you wish.

We in America are done with that particular fool's errand, I hope.

Moore sounds like some American conservative whining in 1975 that the NVA wouldn't be rushing down highway 1 if the American left hadn't bullied Nixon into getting out.

Perfectly true.

So what?

That was a fool's errand, too, and the dominoes didn't get past Saigon.

We could have skipped the whole thing and been much better off.

And should have.

As to McCain, of course if he had had his way we would still be fighting in Vietnam, unless we had already killed the very last Vietnamese human, anywhere in the world.

Philo, happily (or otherwise) we have neither the means nor the will to intervene anywhere. However, when you Americans claim to be a global power (as we were once upon a time) you get the glory but you also get the responsibilities. Retiring to Fortress America is a policy choice but do not think for a minute that trouble will not follow you, in fact it will dog your footsteps right up to and even over your frontiers if you are not careful - see: 1930 to 1941!

I lack the time and space to delve into the intricacies of foreign and defence policies in this age, suffice to say that it almost certainly entails considerable subtlety combined with a mixture of responses. An 'anything but Bush' policy is not subtle! - as you are beginning to learn, and remember, "You ain't seen nuttin' yet!"

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