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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


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There are organizations with Tea party in the name or literature, but there is no organized "Tea Party". However, there have been anti tax/anti spend demonstrations called TEA Parties, "Taxed Enough Already." The organizations are tax-exempt groups that can not endorse or give financial support to any candidate. So, an unknown economics professor raised about a hundred thousand bucks, in small contributions, against Cantor's millions, and sent out a small horde of mostly University students who rang door bells and passed out tracts, and they resonated with ordinary VA-7 voters, who know that most government largess goes to persons unknown, who are not the poor and needy. e.g. Food Stamps, now become the SNAP card, spending seventy eight per cent of the budget for 'administration' and twenty two per cent for Food Assistance. That seventy eight percent, if not bled out of the economy by taxation, could be invested, producing jobs and wages that would make the twenty two percent much less necessary. Also, although Virginia does not have nearly the illegal immigration problems of Arizona and Texas, Virginians nevertheless see the real economic costs of importing poverty. Cantor supported amnesty, and THAT cost him the nomination.

Demagogue Party groups are claiming that cross-over voters won the nomination for Brat. That remains to be seen. However, the idea is that they helped the weaker candidate win, to be defeated by the Demagogue in November. It could happen. Cross-over voting has been a growing problem for decades. It got us Romney and McCain, and probably some others, down ballot. It's likely enough that we need to return to nominating conventions, and abandon the idealistic notion behind primaries.

Still, at least for today, the Good Guys won.

Don't know David whether you noticed that link I dropped from Sabato's site illuminating Thad Cochran's problems down in Mississippi but at least in Cochran's case for certain it had to do "at least somewhat" with the incumbent's complacency in rallying voter turnout.

So too it would seem where Cantor is concerned - of the some 600,000 registered voters in that district a mere 70,000 or so actually turned out to vote.

And there might well've been something else at play primarily (since nobody else Michael above and myself to be included outside the district concerned would've necessarily been paying attention to) I saw this item but since we have no exit polls - as Nobody was paying attention I won't go out on a limb as to whether it made a difference. From May 27th:

Taking a closer look. There's a total of 506,065 voters registered in Virginia's 7th. Cantor received 28,902 & Brat 36,120.

Virginia's SecState doesn't give a breakdown by Party Affiliation (so far as I can see) but Cantor held the seat for seven consecutive terms so it's probably safe to assume "Leans Republican" figure +/- 256,065 eligible voters of which 65,022 bothered.

Here's that Mississippi race I referenced earlier [link]

But it's the upper chamber of Congress matters and I'm gonna go with it split evenly after the General. Biden's scheduled vacation's from there on out cancelled.

A young farmer watched an elderly farmer use a length of lumber and smack it right up side the mule's head. Why the young farmer asked? Said the old farmer, sometimes you have to get the mule's attention.

David, rest assured we were praying for you during your tribulation.

Dems this morning are over-joyed.

They and the GOP office holders think it will help diminish the GOP non-white vote and increase the Dem non-white vote without causing an offsetting shift in the white vote, improving Dem chances for this fall and 2016.

And maybe so.

It was 'IMMIGRATION WOT DUNNIT' as our very own Sun newspaper might have put it in their headline. However, MDA (My Darling Ann) puts it just as pithily but with rather more elegance:

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