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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


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No politician of any party seems able to think beyond the next election. The only qualification for the job is being a better liar than the next man.

The Jerries didn't get where they are by "thriving commerce", they got where they are by having the Euro foisted on them by the French. The Jerries were the "sick man of Europe" before the Euro gift arrived, and would have continued as such without it.

Merkel's soft power, which I agree with you is extensive, would be non-existent without the Euro. And we shouldn't wish the Euro goes away, because it's that Jerry soft power that keeps Putin at bay. Without the Euro and Jerry soft power, we'd have to spend a proper fortune on defence.


Cynical but, alas, true, John!

The Germans began their commercial renaissance in the '50s under Ludwig Erhard, happily a man imbued with the ideas of the Austrian school of economics. Germany boomed whilst we (and even more so the Yanks!) spent gazillions defending them! Then the EU kicked off which helped even more and it was only the re-unification which set back their steady growth. But they gritted their German teeth and managed, just, to swallow East Germany and now they are back booming again even bigger because they enjoy all the advantages of a cheap currency watered down by the Med nations.

The end result is that Germany has *earned* its right to be a powerful factor in world affairs, unlike Brogan's daft notion that we Brits should borrow even more money to build ships and guns and tanks and rush around interfering here, there and everywhere usually on the coat-tails of Uncle Sam! Those days are over until such time as we become *truly* prosperous again.

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