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Thursday, 12 June 2014


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Based on the idea that what starts in America makes its way to the UK, here is what HRH will be wearing next year, the short suit.

Oh my Gaaaaard! But, dammit, at least the fella's wearing a tie!

That outfit would end the Monarchy. As for me, I have always wondered why, at least in the business world, a man would wrap an object around his neck and then deliberately form a slip knot in it and run the knot right up snugly to his neck. This reduces the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Under this condition he is then expected to make decisions about people and money and other important matters.

I always wore a tie for work, but since retiring it's strictly weddings and funerals. Dave Nick and Ed should wear ties because they can't do the open neck look. They are working too - unfortunately.

I never wear a tie EXCEPT on the odd occasion I put on my suit.But then who would go to a funeral without a dark tie?

Depends where you live, I guess. The only blokes who wear ties in North Queensland are on their way to court. In other words, only crooks and their legalistas will go for the formal look in the tropics.
And it's the right attire, too.

Bloody 'ell Dom. You can get locked up for showing those sorts of photos.

The weed in the photo sort of looks like O'Barmies pyjama boy.

Andra's comment reminds me of an old joke.

Q. What do you call the bloke in court wearing a suit?

A. The accused.

What do you call the bloke with a brief case wearing a suit? An "expert".

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