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Friday, 27 June 2014


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It never ceases to amaze me when immigrants leave one shit hole for what is for them a paradise and the promised land. Who then on arrival vote for those who are hell bent on turning that paradise into shit hole. To paraphrase an article I read on Cafe Hayeck.

Well, from their point of view a party that offers constant government hand-outs has to be a winner, after all, you can't expect them to understand the finer points of economic philosophy, not many people do which is why battling the fakeries of socialism so hard.

Antisthenes...that is the model--import poverty and ignorance and keep them indebted to you. The same plantation model Dems have used for the Black vote for decades. After a while, all those dependents come calling for their "special needs" which are always more deserving than the needs of the other dependent serfs. Dems will have their problems then if not before.

Antisthenes and Whitewall, what I don't understand is the constant call from libertarians for unlimited immigration. Cafe Hayek is an example.

Dom, Libertarians occasionally make some sense, but if one waits a bit, they veer off into insanity. America has Founding Documents and a Constitution. These works were originally done and/or inspired by Englishmen when America was just a gaggle of colonies. Hordes of newcomers have no appreciation for these principles. Libertarians for some reason lose sight of this basic fact. Maybe they will understand the meaning of Balkanization when too many arrive at once. Balkans are a noun and an adjective.

The Adam Smith Inst blog often has pieces extolling the virtues of open borders. The latest ended with the writer saying his cultural life was enhanced by his weekly visit to his local Indian. These people make sure they don't live in the Bradford ghetto.

To be fair to libertarians they usually qualify their 'open borders' rhetoric with the caveat that there can be no welfare state in such a situation. And this happy state of affairs may even be workable if there was the remotest chance that the Welfare State could be rolled back in any circumstances short of a complete and utter collapse of the economy. (So, next year then.)

Even my wild dream of a smaller state, (not small, but a tiny smidgeon smaller than it is now), shows no sign of occuring. Even in the remote off-chance that the estimable Nigel takes power next year, I expect the state to grow marginally less rampantly than it does now under the vicious regime of tory cuts which besets us all so fiercly at the moment.

" the vicious regime of tory cuts which besets us all so fiercely at the moment."

You do a nice line in irony, Kevin, well done!

I can feel that line of irony over here!

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