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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


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Sounds like a useful move. Out damned spot out I say might trouble Berlin but there are the French.

I think it's fear of being left alone with the French - and all the other 'Meds' - that has the Kaiserin worried.

I think so. The Germans aren't into discussing their feelings all the time and can't cook like the French.

If Cameron was proper perfidious, he'd cut a deal with Hollande to give unswerving support for an end to austerity for the club med countries and for the ECB (equals Bundesbank) to under-write their debt, in exchange for France and club med's agreement to a special status for "unique case" Britain.

If Britain leaving has the Kaiserin worried, then Britain in and sided with the Latinos should have her pooping herself.

Then leak the deal to the Kaiserin with an "it's not too late to change your mind" footnote.


Oh, and to concentrate what poses for the mind of that scumbag Polish foreign minister Sikorski, I'd start cuddling up to that nice Mr Putin and offer the Russian army some of our mothballed Challenger main battle tanks and joint military exercises on the Polish border when we leave the EU, in exchange for some cheap energy.

Then leak it with the same footnote.


My policy in these matters would be quite simple - stick it to the French. Oppose what they support and support what they oppose. Other than that, we should just keep our heads down. So, if the nice Americans ask us to station some troops in Eastern Poland, we should say what a good idea and we'll think about it. But I am afraid that Mr Cameron is just to clever and well educated to do any of this. Pity that he didn't attend Stratton St Margaret secondary school - like what I did!

SoD, I worry about you sometimes, proper little Machiavel you've turned out to be!

And, BOE, I also worry about you, particularly if you're thinking of taking a holiday in France!

To me, the French are very like us. There are the people - and there is the government. Their government is just like ours - from another planet! I have English and non-English friends in Brittany and Normandy. I say non-English, because they think they are Bretons and Normans first, just like the Cornish. They are inclined to spit when they see a Parisian number plate!

I went to a concert in a Methodist chapel the other week. A little old lady stood and declaimed:

Cornish born and Cornish bred
British by accident
English - NEVER.

Big cheer from packed chapel.

However, I am not too keen on holidays in France any more - to many foreigners (and I don't mean the French).

Better stick to Stratton St Margaret!

You've obviously never been there!

True, or at least, I don't think I have but everything around Swindon looks just like the rest of Swindon.

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