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Thursday, 26 June 2014


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"Today it's different. The American acadamy was captured by the neo-Marxists decades ago and their seedlings have been spread far and wide across the political field where they have now flourished mightily."

To fundamentally change something, the current structure has to be dismantled.

The SCOTUS came out with some decisions today. One in particular, in a 9-0 decision against O, concerning O's overreach on recess appointments. Also a ruling against the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Another ruling, relating to Obamacare, scheduled for Monday.

I'm not so sure about "dismantling", Uppers, but a return to Constitutional propriety would help. Thanks for the 'Vox' link which looks like an interesting site.

"Uppers, but a return to Constitutional propriety would help. "
Would be a start in the right direction.

Welcome, of course there are sites going into more depth and detail. Vox like a condensed version.

These are good takes on the lawlessness of our current Monarch. Bit by bit, his alien ideology is being exposed and upended. Even the dullest of Democrats can see the obvious. Obama's "Waterloo" may just come to a head on our southern border with this human trafficking tragedy. Sometimes many people have to be hurt before a population as large as ours pays attention. But attention is being paid from many quarters.

Yes but sometimes brief and to the point is useful.

The big problem is not that academicians are now proudly in the pockets of the Liberal branch of the Democrats, but the media is too.

Case in point.

Several years ago, someone defended a child rapist. The lawyer stood in court with the child looking right at her, and told the jury that the victim had a history of involvement with older men. The victim was only 12 years old at the time. At the end, the lawyer got the rapist off on a technicality. There still exists an audio interview in which the lawyer laughs about the lie-detector test that the rapist passed -- "I'll never believe in one of those again".

If this were a republican he would be virtually disqualified from running for office. But it was Hillary Clinton (who, you'll remember, had unkind things to say about the women her husband accosted). Nothing is being said in the media about it. The same commentators who routinely refer to defense attorneys as "rape-loving scumbags" now applaud Hillary Clinton for her accomplishments.

In my life I can't think of another time when journalists were such traitors to their profession.


"Sometimes many people have to be hurt before a population as large as ours pays attention. But attention is being paid from many quarters." ... & ... I can't think of another time when journalists were such traitors to their profession."

Let’s be blunt: It is awfully hard to draw cosmic conclusions about the Mississippi Senate race when the six-term incumbent lost by a little in the first primary and won by a little in the second primary. It’s enough to almost certainly make him a seven-term senator, though he must be shocked that he only squeaked back into his seat after serving 36 years in the Senate and providing more pork for Mississippi than exists on all the hog farms in Iowa combined. … The establishment may get down but it is never out. Cochran’s victory, as slim as it was, was an impressive feat for the national and state party leadership. … The process isn’t pretty, but party leaders will do what they have to do to win — and arguably, they know the process, the geography, and the levers of power better than any other faction. Nowhere was the jubilation greater, once Cochran had won, than in the D.C. halls of GOP power.
Strategic voting is very much alive, even in this era of intense polarization.

It’s not easy to get Democrats to participate in a Republican primary, but a sizeable number apparently did so to save Cochran’s bacon …

Meant to include this too above my underline - from More melancholia on events 'over there'

The same plantation model Dems have used for the Black vote for decades.

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