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Sunday, 08 June 2014


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Did you read that report the other day that suggests that cynics are more likely to develop dementia?

Bloody useless research, spending taxpayers money in coming up with junk science nonsense on tomatoes!!

Piffle I say! Piffle!

Eh? What? What's this thing called 'medentya'?

What can be good about growing old is you gradually become invisible in public.

Yes, I'm enjoying that invisibility, too.

If it were as Marnham says, the french people could as well have voted the Left Front (Front de Gauche), wich is as much anti-globalization, anti-EU, anti-american, and proposes similar things to the ones he ascribes to Le Pen's party. The main, and probably decisive difference is the position towards inmigration, mainly the muslim one.

I think you're exactly right, Ortega, that is the 'tasty' ingredient that makes their recipe the favourite. I fear for France!

I have high hopes of the French. Having a strong sense of who they are and being fairly unpleasant, they are the ideal people to apply the Spanish 1492 exercise. Leave, convert or die.........

Quite so, BOE, but its the collateral damage that worries me.

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