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Monday, 30 June 2014


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If I was UKIP, I would keep pushing the ReichsFührerin statement that the aim of a United States of Europe could not be derailed. Of course, she said, different countries could proceed at different speeds. But in the end, even if we do the whole journey in reverse, we WILL be subsumed into the Greater Germany.

XX The fact that the pantomime villain of the piece, 'Juncker the Drunker, is no worse than any of the other hopefuls for the top European job is neither here nor there. XX

And the contrived "controversy" about his "election" is only a smoke screen, to stop the Public from getting funny ideas about "Who is this fucker to be "my" President any way? I never voted for the bastard!"

Which, if they woke up and actualy DID, could bring the whole E.U house of cards to a really spectacular demise.

Well, as you both indicate, this is going to be long story with many a twist and turn. However, given that a referendum is virtually certain (if Dave wins next year) that should bring matters to an end. The 'unknown unknowns', of course, are:

1: Does Dave actually know what he wants?
2: Will the Euros give it to him?
3: Will it be anywhere near what we 'OUT-ers' want?
4: Will it be enough to pacify the GBP (Great British Public)?

Dave really doesn't deserve the luck he's enjoying but its coming his way by the lorry load.

So then David, what's your latest iteration?

On the very false notion that Hamlet was a 'bottler' (as I emphasised in my original post) then Dave is definitely a 'bottler' and certainly not a Coriolanus despite his affected heroics in Brussels last week.

The answer to your questions posted at 11:42 is:


Take that as a 'no' then, shall I?

Well, your first question makes the others easier to answer. If he wants to cuddle up to Mrs Merkel, then the next three answers become:


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