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Friday, 20 June 2014


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The heatwave seems to making you frisky in all directions.
I just hope the memsahib doesn't laugh at your childish fumbles again. I know how much it demoralises you poor sods.
Memories, memories.

"Knacked" .......knackered?

"I just hope the memsahib doesn't laugh at your childish fumbles again" - nah, she just yawns!
And your translation was correct.

Returning to the BBQ is a sure way to reclaim one's manliness. You have to work your way up to topless grass mowing. The village ladies will come around in time.

I've reconsidered. David is at Stonehenge prancing around in a circle....shirtless.

Stonehenge! Heh! typical Irish builders, they never finish anything!

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