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Wednesday, 02 July 2014


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Nah worries over losin' that email David, I'll just forward the missive outta my email - looks to be the same Nigerian feller in all the details as I'm apparently partnered to.

Let's just hope - as the only "project" I've seen of late - having any degree of "success" in Nigeria has the corporate name of Boko Haram attached, our checks/cheques don't get lost in the post!

Assuming, of course, that "our checks/cheques" ever existed in the first place!

Honestly, the Nigerians have been trying this scam for decades until it has become a joke 'over here' - why do they bother?

David, you are to be congratulated for your knack of making friends all over the planet. Not everyone can do this.

why do they bother?

As David Hannum would say “There is a sucker born every minute” when referencing gullibility.

I put it down to my old world charm, Whitewall!

Alas, all too true, Uppers.

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