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Tuesday, 01 July 2014


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If Hannan is right, perhaps the best thing for the UK to do is to keep our heads below the parapet. Don't say anything and don't agree to anything. Mind you, I have been saying this on Redwood's blog for several years. No one agrees with me!

BOE, you could very well be right. The EU is a gangrene limb that may drop off dead on its own. The rest of the western world will of course have to guard against the attendant infection of the aftermath.

Never - the big power blocks - China , USA, India etc - will like Europe to be Europe.
Countries like the UK ( which once was Britain I think) are steadily having their patriotism erased. Just in time to be another province.

I'm not so sure, John. Sure. the USA, China, India and so on are huge but that is because (by and large) they are single states. But there exist very many small and prosperous states that do very well on their own, Singapore is perhaps the best example.

"The EU is a gangrene limb that may drop off dead on its own."

That's one of the possible outcomes, or more likely, an internal collapse leading to a looser formation of nation states, and full integration relegated to an option for those who want it.

Be just like Britain to leave just before that - the very Europe we want - happens.

You've gotta be in it to win it.


Good grief, SoD, where have you been living for the last 30 years? We have been "in it" and we have won precisely nothing! Instead we have slowly but surely been losing across the line. We need to come out and sign a perfectly normal trade agreement - which the Euros will want because they sell more to us than we do to them - and then let them sort themselves out for good or ill.

I sometimes think that when discussing our small country, we lose sight of things.

Ranked by GDP, we are No 6 in the world and No 3 in the EU.
We are one of the five nations a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, with a veto.
We are one of only five countries that possess sub launched ballistic missiles.
Although small, our armed forces are well trained and equipped. They can be relied on to carry out their tasks to the best of their considerable ability.
We are ranked about No 10 in the world for Nobel prizes, excluding the political prize for peace.
We are No 22 in terms of population size.
We are the home of the ONLY global language.
Basically we are the same country we have been for 1200 years.

Well said, BOE!

Well said indeed. As I rambled on about this the other day regarding England and the Anglosphere, it's all still right there. Find it, fight for it, stand for it and believe in it.

I want you to try and imagine Dave, Ed, or Nick trying to negotiate an international free trade deal on behalf of Britain on its own with Obama, Putin, the Chinese, Indians, the anglo-sphere, or, indeed, a deaf, dumb, and blind man with no sense of smell. We would be so utterly and completely shafted we wouldn't be able to sit down in our lifetimes.

Everyone gets mildly shafted in the EU, it's the price you pay for not getting completely shafted, as would be the case if we were alone outside of a trade block, and run, as we are, by numpties.


Well Lawrence, no one round here is going to argue with you that we are run by numpties! Unfortunately for the rest of your piece, so is the EU. Obama is a complete twat; Putin heads up a gangster regime, the Chinese will come unstuck soon and the Indians are up to their knees in cow shit. Really, Dim Dave, as your revered father calls him, should fit in nicely.

A summary, BOE, that cannot be bettered!

Obama is way worse than a mere twat. If anything is in America's interest, he's against it. Your only problem with him is that he hates Britain more than he hates the USA, which really is a lot. The only thing going FOR y'all is his incompetence. Build on that.

I can't argue with any of that, Michael, but as a Texan why aren't you down at the roadside waving your welcome flags to the busloads of immigrants as they are driven by?

Because I'm a Republican. I go to church today, and I have a JOB tomorrow. Only Democrats and the retired can take time for demonstrations. The Zero is doing his best to eliminate the possibility that I can ever retire. He does what he can to counter the church thing, too.

'I feel your pain', Michael, as the saying goes. And the sight of Mrs. Pelosi down at the border meeting and greeting all those future Democrat party voters must have been vomit-inducing!

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