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Wednesday, 02 July 2014


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My son was born in Changi hospital in Singapore. I hung around on the ward balcony while the great event happened. When the harassed RAF sister appeared to tell it was a boy - all I could think of saying - was - how much did he weigh? She looked at me and said - Don't be so stupid!

SoD arrived at the BMH Singapore.

Singapore has a lot to answer for!

I'm told that when I arrived, the Dr. looked at me and chose to slap my Mother first. Not in Singapore though.

I suppose she had "Could do better" on her medical report!

When my baby sister arrived my mother refused to accept her because she had red hair.
So the sister went away and came back with two babies and told my mother to take her pick, as they were the only babies they had.
My mother said, "Oh, give me the red-headed bugger I couldn't have had a Chinese baby!"
That wasn't in Singapore either.
My sister improved as time went by and when I came along I was, of course, perfect and allowed into the family home, no problems.

"Could do better"...nope, my two younger brothers are testimony.

Andra, your perfection was never in doubt ;)

In fact the words 'Andra' and 'perfection' go together. I have it on excellent authority that your right hook is superb, dead fast and dead accurate! (Better watch out, JK!)

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