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Friday, 24 February 2017


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David I feel your pain! Been there done that many times. Those "people" in the old lady's home can sometimes be called family members, though it would be a shame one of them couldn't do the "domestic duty" instead of calling on your ever cheerful services. Well done anyway and be sure the Gate Keeper will have a plus mark to go with the other plus mark on your score card.

May the Lord bless you! I can only hope I will have someone like you in my dotage. The spawn of satan I gave birth to will probably move away. Either that or I will!

missred, my goal in my later years is to be a burden to Somebody!

That, Witers, is exactly what I keep telling 'SoD', I'm determined to be a burden!

As we say in our clan (AussieD will back me on this), "Oy vey." I have also been there and done that with my poor old Dad, now more than a decade ago.

One of his peculiarities had to do with buying shoes. According to my Dad, when he was in his late 80's, the only place a sensible man can buy shoes is at Walmart, a place that I refuse to go to unless my life depends on it. It's instant migraine I tell ya.

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