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Friday, 03 March 2017


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Probably something to do with the 'equality indoctrination' that was pumped into their silly noodles at University!

The plays were clearly the result of collaboration. The best bits were written by a black lesbian, and the boring bits by a white man.

Damn, you're a shrewd observer, 'W'!

Whyaxye and David, both of you are devilishly right on target. EVERYTHING that is a major part of Western Civ. must be broken down...especially if it smacks of anything Anglo Saxon!

Whyaxe you forgot to put 'transgender' before lesbian and "of an unspecified but backward peace loving religion" after lesbian. Got to get with it if you are going to tear down our heritage.

Gentlemen, gentlemen... It almost beggars belief that you are completely omitting to mention the effects of climate change on all this!

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